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UBS Stock

UBS is one of the best global stock brokers which provide various financial services ranging from the investment to sales and trading services. The company is traded with various stock exchanges such as NYSE, SIX Europe and others etc. UBS also provides quote services through which people can access the financial information from various major stock exchanges of the world. As of November 2010, the company has the market capitalization value of 57.57 billion USD. The UBS Quotes is classified into three options viz, UBS Quotes for clients, public and mobile quotes. Thus one can also access the stock market price, shares and news through the mobile phone.

A complete chart of today’s or current share price and stocks analysis is available on its website or you can follow the link given below.

UBS Onesource

UBS One Source is an online tool for the plan participants or companies. The UBS onesource enables you access the account information and transactions, company stock quotes, modeling tools and plan information. The employees of participate companies can access directly from the internal website of the respective company without any separate login process provided that the company has meet the industry protocols recommendation of UBS Financial Services Inc.

In order to use UBS Onesource, you need to login into its website which is given below.

The “ticker” mentioned in the above web address should be replaced by the stock symbol of the corresponding company without any uppercase letters, for instance ABT, AMAT, AMGN, BBBY, CVD EMC, INTC or INTEL, TYC or TYCO, VMW and many others. After that you can login with the ID and PIN. The detailed information about the UBS One Source can be obtained from the website given below.

In addition, after you login to onesource, the following features and advantages will be available.
  • Account summary of stock plan account
  • Real time stock quotes and market indices
  • Online forms, brokerage, statements and many others.
Ever you can download your statement into your mobile through the Microsoft Quicken. For any assistance, contact the UBS representatives at 1-866-706-2727 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday).

UBS News

The UBS news provides the latest information, alert and other releases about stock market updates, stories of the event related with the bank and others etc. You can also subscribe various newsletters, articles and quarterly reports by providing your email address. For more information on write downs and loses of the company, you can visit the news section available on its official website or follow the link given below.

The detailed information on UBS dividend split history, ratings, forecast and picks can be obtained from the official website or you can also refer other online sources.



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