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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is an online brokerages service provider. According to their history it was founded as a small investment business firm in 1971 with its headquarters in Omaha. Basically the company offers various types of trading, brokerages and clearing services which include options, ETFs, Margin, Mutual Funds, Futures, Stock, Forex, Cash Management, Bonds (Municipal and Corporate etc.), CDs, Mortgages and others. At present the company is working under the chairmanship and CEO of Joe Mogila and Fred Tomczyk respectively. As of 2009 the company has over 6 million US customers and 4.660 employees. The acquisition of TD Waterhouse in 2006 has limited the ownership of TD Ameritrade by TD Bank to 45% for ten years and in a short period of three years after the acquisition of TD Waterhouse the company also acquires the Thinkorswim in January, 2009. In October, 2010 the company also launches more than 100 commission-free ETFs market center.

In fact, the TD Ameritrade has been competing in the field of trading and investing services with the great competitors like Etrade, Scottrade, Charles Schwab Corporation, Vanguard and Fidelity Investment. Unlike the other trading services offered by TD Ameritrade competitors, the ETFs trading are also available with third party analysis like Morningstar. There are also many services and products offered by the company such as credit card, money market funds and purchase and financial advisor direct services.

The company is publicly traded in various stock markets of US with the AMTD, which is the ticker symbol of the TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation. The online symbol lookup tool which is available on the website of the company and other US based stock market will help the people in getting the quote information and data of the company.

TD Ameritrade Apex offers several benefits to the top clients. This service is made available for the customers having average trades of five or more in a month with the TD Ameritrade account which is older than three months. Moreover the customers are required to maintain a minimum total balance of $100,000 to qualify for such service. Indeed, top priority will be given to the emails and calls from the customers with Apex. On the other hand no services fees will be charged except the commission fees. In addition the Apex clients can access the level 2 quotes for free without any costs.

The TD Ameritrade brokerage services are featured with certain rates and fees. The margin rate, cash sweep vehicle interest and exception fees are some of the examples. As of 1st December, 2008 the base rate of the margin debit balance is 7.75%. On the other hand, the FDIC insured deposit account and the cash sweep vehicle interest rate falls at 0.04999% with an APY of 0.05%. For more detailed information on current base rates, other prices and pricing, you can follow the links given below.

Besides, they also provide wide careers options such as technology jobs, investor service jobs, internships and other employment opportunities. The company employs many people in various departments with a variety of attractive salary packages and positions, for example an average salary of an investment consultant is $42,605 (a source quoted).

TD Ameritrade Institutional

TD Ameritrade Institutional is one of the US based leading provider of the custodian and brokerage services. In fact, it a division of TD Ameritrade Inc. located in Omaha. They provide such kind of services to more than 4,000 independent RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) and their clients.

National Headquarters Address:
1 Plaza Four A
Jersey City, NJ 07311-4000

TD Ameritrade Login

TD Ameritrade login enables the clients to logon to its services like quotes, trade stocks, options, mutual funds, trading tools and others. The customers can also follow the client log on link given below to access the services mentioned above and others like bonds and CDs. In any case if you have the problems and issues such as forgot password, you can refer the log on help available on the login home page.

TD Ameritrade Online

The TD Ameritrade online trading service has widened its scope by allowing the mobile devices and phones to access the available trading tools. However these mobile devices are required to install the suitable app and API provided by the TD Ameritrade. The compatible applications and software of the following mobile devices are available for download.
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • Windows
Besides the mobile trading tools, there are also many other tools such as Stock Screener, Quote Scope, Alerts, Charts, Trailing Stops, StrategyDesk,

TD Ameritrade Account

TD Ameritrade offers flat rate and low commission accounts. These are classified into four major types viz retirement or IRAs, standard, education savings and specialty investing account.

The retirement or IRAs are available in different types such as Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs. On the other hand the specialty investing accounts are available as Partnership, Limited Partnership, Trust, Investment Club and many more. In addition there is also custodial account for saving child education etc. The detailed information on TD Ameritrade account and downloadable application forms are available on the following link

In addition the TD Ameritrade account can be opened through its online application process if the customers are fulfilled the following requirements.
  • Social security number or identification number of the individual taxpayer.
  • Name and address of the employers.
  • Beneficiary social security number and address which is required for the IRAs only.

TD Ameritrade Branch Locations

Over 100 branches of TD Ameritrade are serving currently in United States and other countries like Japan, Singapore, UK and Hong Kong etc. It has several branch locations and offices across the 37 states of US of which some notable branch locations are Alpharetta, Atlanta GA, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Forth Worth TX, Garden City New York (NY), Honolulu in Hawaii, Irvine CA, Naples, Orlando, Pittsburgh PA, Portland OR, Roseville, San Diego, Tampa, West Hartford CT, West palm beach and others.

The customers can use the branch office locator tool to find the locations in Palo Alto, Paramus, Princeton, Smithtown NY, San Francisco, Miami, Manhattan, Manchester NH, Jacksonville FL, Hoovers, Jersey City, Harrisburg PA, Austin in Texas, Baltimore, Bakersfield, Burlington ma, Brookfield WI, Campbell CA, Cary NC, Carlsbad ca, California, Charlotte, Cincinnati and Greenville SC, etc. The detailed information of the branches, branch locator and locations will be found on the following link.

If you need any assistance from TD Ameritrade, contact them at the following details.

Customer Service
Phone Number: 800-669-3900

Overnight Mailing Address:
1005 N. Ameritrade Place
Bellevue, NE 68005

Existing Clients
PO Box 2209
Omaha, NE 68103-2209

New Accounts
PO Box 2760
Omaha, NE 68103-2760

Fax Number: 816-243-3769

For further detailed information of TD Ameritrade promotion, referral programs, bonus, offer code 177, quicken, calculator, VIX, ballpark, penny arcade, conference and class action lawsuit refer the company websites as well as the available web resources and reviews.



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