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TD Bank Mortgage

TD Bank, a member of TD Financial Group, basically deals in four types of mortgages, such as conventional, FHA, Jumbo conforming and Jumbo loans. The conventional mortgages are available in various forms, such as 15 year fixed rates, 5 year adjustable rates and many more. The 15 year fixed rate mortgage is the most common and popular among the high-income home buyers as this can reduce the entire cost of financing and it also enables to pay off faster. Besides the mortgage services, they also offer mutual fund under the brand name of TD asset management.

The borrower can trust on this mortgages lender (TD Bank), because they offer mortgage rate security which allows the borrowers to lower down the rate without any refinancing. However some kind of non refundable modification fees will be charged for this mortgage modification facility. This facility is available under the following conditions.
  • The customers have a minimum of 12 uninterrupted payoffs in their loan payment history.
  • The bank has reduced or changed the rates.

There is also another hassle-free guaranteed mortgage service which provides guarantee to home buyers for a smooth purchase. But this guarantee is not applicable for home equity, refinance and pre-approval products. Moreover the mortgage insurance with down payment of less than 20% is also available to help the home buyers. On the purchase of various mortgage and loan products, they have offered various special sales, promotions, coupons, sweepstakes, rewards and other schemes like Giveaway, cash back etc. Other than the mortgage, home equity line of credit is also one of the best options for those customers who want to pay the mortgages and penalty at their own comfort without any extra charges.

TD Canada Trust Corporation provides the mortgage transfer facility to its Canadian customer with the applicable discharge fee. But the TD Bank customers residing in US may not avail such kind of facility. Therefore to clear up this ambiguity, the customers are advised to confirm from the bank officials by obtaining an appropriate phone number from its website or by visiting the nearest local branch or store. The Canadian customer can also avail the pre-approved, financing and affordability mortgages based on their capability to afford the monthly payment. Moreover they can also avail financial assistance through various mortgage life insurance coverage programs and critical illness policies. The illnesses such as acute heart, stroke, cancer or death are covered under the definition of critical illness provided by the company.

The existing customers can log in to access their mortgage account information online. The bank also accepts the online mortgage application from the new customers without any charges or fees. However it may charge some kind of cancellation fees if the application is withdrawn after the approval. The qualification details and complete list of documents required for submitting the application are available on the bank website too.

The TD Bank employs several mortgage specialists, helpers, lending officers to assist the customers in any mortgage related jobs. The address and location of the nearest TD Bank mortgage offices, brokers and services can be found on their website. If you want the latest and updated rate information you can register to the rate quotes service online. For any issues related to mortgage or rates you can speak to customer service reps at the following phone number.

24/7 Customer Service
Phone number: 888-751-9000

TD Bank Mortgage Calculator

The TD Bank mortgage loan calculator is an online calculating tool which resembles with the other tools like Mortgage Qualifier, Mortgage Payment Calc etc. With this tool's assistance you can calculate the loan amount according to your plans and requirements, and find satisfactory answers of questions like "How much I can afford" and "What can I afford". In fact it will help you in finding the approximate amount you need for a TD bank mortgage payoff. The online amortization calculator also allows the borrower to calculate the payoff amount and property taxes to be paid during the amortization schedule.

The mode of interest calculation depends upon the types of mortgages. The interest for fixed rate mortgage is calculated every six months but the same for a variable-rate one is calculated on a monthly basis.

TD Bank Mortgage Rates

The TD Bank mortgages are available with various variable interest and prime rates. These rates may happen to change from time to time; therefore the borrowers can check the rates table and chart available at the "TD Bank mortgage rates today" URL given below.

For more information on mortgage rates in locations like New York NY, New Jersey NJ, Florida FL and others, please contact the respective customer service department, the phone number of which could be found at the following web site.

TD Bank Mortgage Payment

The payment for TD Bank mortgage loans can be made online and through phone. Under certain terms and conditions, they also accept the mortgage down payment by using the monetary gift from borrower's relatives. The borrowers are required to provide the relevant "docs" say for instance, gift letter from the donor etc. sometimes they also hold several contests for the customers to pay off the mortgages. The partial and full prepayment option is also available for 1 year and 5 year open mortgage with variable interest rates. The company also widens the scope on mortgage saving by offering the flexible payment option. TD Bank also allows payment extension for a particular period for the customer who wishes to skip a payment say for a month or two, but it may also charge some kinds of penalties if he or she fails to make the payment by that particular time.

If there is any dispute regarding the mortgage or problem like the mortgage fraud, you can lodge your complaints to the concerned department (Dept) or send a written statement along with the necessary documents and requirements at the following address.

Disputes on a Personal Loan or Mortgage
TD Bank Operations Center
P.O. Box 219
Lewiston, ME 04243-0219

Those who are looking for TD mortgage, please visit the following office.

TD Mortgage Inc
3400 Tully Rd
Modesto, CA 95350
Phone: (209) 338-0080

The relevant info on TD Bank's mortgage savings, investment hybrids, mortgagee clause, subordination and renewal may be available on the bank website. You can also read the instructions and reviews available on various other websites.



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