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TD Bank Interest Rates

TD Bank offers competitive interest rates on various products and services such as savings account, checking, CDs, mortgage, loans and many more. According to the requirements of the customers, they also offer personal savings account with different interest rates of which the customers can choose the most suitable one. The comparison chart of various personal savings accounts can be found from the following URL.

TD Bank Interest Rates Savings Account

TD Banknorth interest rates for the savings accounts are available in different options depending upon the types of the account. Basically TD Bank offers six types of savings with different APY and interest rates. These include, convenience, elite, young saver, club save, holiday club and health savings account. Their APY lies within 0.10% and 0.80% based on the account types and the minimum balance maintained. A brief overview of the rates is given below.

Types APY Minimum Balance
Convenience 0.10% $0.10
Elite 0.25% - 0.80% $0.01 - $1,000,000+
Young Saver 0.10% $0.01
Health Saving 0.25% - 0.75% $0.01 - $50,000+
Club Saver 0.10% $0.01
Holiday Club 0.10% $0.01

The complete list of current interest rates of various saving accounts is available on the following websites.

TD Mortgage Interest Rates

Different interest rates are available on TD mortgage services. Based on the terms and types of the mortgage, the APR varies from 2.973% to 4.762%. To calculate the mortgage payment with applicable interest rates, one can use the mortgage calculator which is available on the bank website or follow the web address given below

In addition, the customers or borrowers can also register online for free rate watch service to track the interest rate.

TD Bank CD Interest Rates

TD Banknorth offers competitive interest rates on all CD (Certificates of Deposit) types. Most of the CDs are available in the form of individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Four types of CDs are offered by TD Bank which include Basics, TD Bank No Catch, Step Rate and IRA Add-Vantage CDs. These are available with various term options ranging from 91 days to 7 years. As the bank quoted on its website the current APY is 0.35% minimum to 1.28% maximum. To know more updates about the interest rates on Certificates of Deposit, you can follow the link given below.

Besides, TD Ameritrade also offers various types of CDs with fixed interest rates. The other services like bonds and portfolio are also available with applicable interest rates. In addition many CD offerings like 3 month CD with 3% APY are also available.

TD Bank Loan Interest Rates

TD Bank interest rates for both the personal and business loans are available in low, fixed and variable rates options. Depending on the types, amount and terms of the loan, the interest rate and APR are also fluctuated. This trend of changes can also be checked from the rate list available on the bank website. The APR for all personal loans is within the range of 5.25% and 9.99%. The auto loan rate and APY for the model year 2010-2010 is 5.99% and 6.09% respectively, which is the lowest in its history. The rate information on both the personal and business loans is available on the following websites.

In case of needs and other assistance regarding the loan rates, you can speak to lending specialist or customer service at the phone numbers given below:

Lending Specialist: 800-937-5020
Customer Service: 800-457-2387

TD Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

TD Bank provides foreign exchange services to the customers dealing with overseas business. They are also engaged in receiving and sending the funds in USD (US Dollars) or any other foreign currency at the international level in the form of draft or check or through wire transfer. TD Bank Foreign exchange service enables the customer to buy and sell more beneficially even in the situation of foreign exchange rates fluctuation.

The rates given above may not be the same for all locations. This is because TD Bank offers different kinds of services in 13 States of US viz, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Massachusetts MA, Pennsylvania PA, New Hampshire NH, Maine ME, Delaware DE, Florida FL, Connecticut CT, Virginia VA, Vermont VT, Maryland MD and Washington D.C. Therefore, it is advisable that the customers must choose the respective locations for more accurate information.

For further information on TD Bank interest rate forecast, differential, prime rates and special promotion on its various products and services, please log on to the websites of the bank and its associates.



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