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TD Bank Rewards

TD Bank has offered many add on services and facilities on various products. The TD Banknorth rewards program is one such which is basically available as TD cash and easy rewards. TD cash rewards allows you to earn 2% cash back on every purchase for the first six months and 1% cash back on all retail purchases. The bank redeems the cash when it becomes $25 or automatically at the end of the year. The customers, on the other hand, can earn 2X rewards points on every purchase for the first six months. After this period one point will be credited for every purchase of $1. These points can be redeemed for travel miles, merchandise, gifts certificates and many more.

TD Bank Rewards Visa

TD Bank offers visa rewards on every purchase by using the debit card. The Visa Extras are one of the facilities provided by the bank to earn the reward points on every purchase with the debit card. The Visa Extras offer the following advantages and benefits on every eligible purchase.
  • The offline or Signature-based purchases
  • Online purchase on Internet
  • Purchases through phone or by mail order
  • Automatic bill payments

The personal customers have the chances to redeem rewards from restaurants and retailers, such as Starbuck, Sharper Image and Sony whereas the business customers can get such benefits from Avis and Marriott.

The instructions describing the registration process for Visa Extras are available on the following link.

TD Bank Rewards Credit Card

TD bank rewards credit cards are available both for the personal and business customers. With these cards one can earn points on every purchase whether online or offline. These cards are featured with unlimited points and cash back rewards which remain unexpired.

The existing customers can login to the TD Easy Reward Center online catalogue service to see the earned points, plus the customers can also manage the account. A user can also explore the merchandise catalogue site without any password and IDs. The TD Easy Reward Center will provide you with more information regarding this.

The new customers can also apply these credit cards services by phone at 888-561-0608 or by visiting the nearest local branch. For any assistance you can contact the customer service at the phone number given below.

TD Customer Service Phone Number:

For more information on TD travelrewards, plan and flights, please refer the bank and its associates' websites.



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