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TD Bank Rates

The TD Bank Rates are classified into several types like savings account, CD, foreign exchange, GIC, loan and mortgage rates. In addition they provide full-packed benefits for money market account with certain applicable features. The money market rates are very much attractive as compared to the savings account rates, because they yield high interest rate say for a minimum daily balance of $1,000 you will gain 0.10% APY. The bank also offers auto loans or car loans at low and affordable fixed rates without any annual charges or fees. At the same time the auto loan rates of your choice can be found on the bank website.

The rating system for various products offered by TD Bank may be different from one location to another; let say the rates of a product in different locations like Connecticut CT, New Jersey, NJ and New York, NY may not be the same. To clarify the information about the rates, please visit the nearest local branch or store.

TD Bank also offers broker service with attractive rates through TD Ameritrade. This TD Ameritrade rates include margin and Cash Sweep Vehicles Interest Rates, Service Fees, and Exception Fees. You can also visit the website given below for more information on TD Ameritrade Rates.

TD Bank Rates Mortgage

TD Bank rates for mortgage loans are based on the terms and types of the mortgage such as conventional, jumbo, FHA and others. Through its online mortgage calculator the borrowers can plan and calculate the amount of their needs before or after the loan is approved. The list of TD mortgage rates today can also be found on their webpage available at the following link.

Most importantly, the TD mortgage rates prime is different from one type of product to another. For example the TD mortgage prime for 5 year closed term is 3.00% whereas 3.00% and additional 0.80% will be reflected on 5 year open term, where 3.00% is the base mortgage rate prime.

TD Bank Rate Exchange

TD Bank also provides the foreign exchange trading for about 32 currencies. TD Bank rate exchange vary from one currency type to another, say for the buyers, 1 Canadian dollar is equal to 1.0401 USD and 1.4527 Euro. The complete list of exchange rates for the entire 32 currencies offered by the TD Bank will be found on the link given below.

The customers can also exchange the foreign currency through its TDFX - an online trading platform or by visiting the nearest local branch.

TD Bank Rates CD

TD Band Rates CD yields high interest rates on various Certificates of Deposit (CDs) products. These CDs also offer various advantages and benefits like competitive interests and term range of 3 months to 7 years. Here are the CD Rates based on basic CDs which is available as an IRAs (Individual Retirement Account) for a minimum deposit of $250.

Current APY (annual percentage yield): 0.60%
Term: 9 months

If you want to know more about the CD rates in Pennsylvania PA, Maryland, MD or Maine contact your respective customer service. The phone numbers of the respective customer service can be found at the link given below.

For rates information on CD products, contact the 24/7 customer service at 888-751-9000 or you can visit the nearest local branch. You can also follow the link given below.

TD Bank Rate Lock

TD Bank rate lock facility enables to make the loan interest rates stable for a particular period. This is an agreement or deal between the borrowers and lenders for some period of time or days. This facility is available in three lock options i.e. float, standard and extended. With this facility one can avoid from the effect of changing market. Because sometimes it may happen that the bank raise or cut the interest rate without any prior notice or information, in such a situation you don't need to worry about it if you have the lock agreement. The bank does not charge any fee for this service. To know more about TD rate lock you can follow the link given below.

For information on TD Bank CD and mortgage rates, exchange rate history and other related products, please refer the following website.



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