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TD Bank Mortgage Rates

The TD Bank offers mortgages with various options of interest rate. The mortgage rates are classified into conventional, FHA, Jumbo Conforming and Jumbo. The conventional and jumbo rates are available in four options whereas the FHA and Jumbo conforming rates are available in two options. A brief classification of these mortgages is given below.

Conventional and Jumbo
  • 30 Year Fixed Year Rate
  • 15 Year Fixed Year Rate
  • 5 Year Adjustable Rate
  • 1 Year Adjustable Rate
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate (low and moderate)
Jumbo Conforming
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate
  • 15 Year Fixed Rate
The conventional fixed rate mortgages and loans are featured with fixed low monthly payment. The 30 year fixed is the best option among the borrowers. But in case of the adjustable rate mortgage, the monthly payment may change as per the term of the loan.

Both the types of FHA mortgages provide low payment financing which is the best option for new home buyers too.

Jumbo Conforming are the fully amortize fixed rate mortgage in which the borrowers have to pay for the entire loan period with certain principal and interest on monthly basis. Basically the jumbo conforming loan amount starts from $417,001 to $730,000.

As of July 2010, the TD mortgage rates structures are as follows:
Type Rate APR
30 year fixed rate 4.75% 4.793%
15 year fixed rate 3.990% 4.063%
30 year fixed rate 4.75% 5.174%
30 year fixed rate 4.875% 4.897%

The rates given above are subject to change without any prior notification. However the details of the mortgages type mentioned above and the current TD mortgage today rate features are available on the website or you can follow the link.

Additionally, TD Bank also offers the mortgage rate security which is basically provided under the following terms and conditions.
  • Loans with 12 smooth payoffs in the payment history and
  • If the rates have been changed by the bank.
The bank will charge some non refundable modification fee, if the customers want to make changes on their loans in the above condition. At the same time the bank has the rights to terminate the terms and conditions provided above.

For more information on TD Bank North mortgage rates in locations like New York NY, New Jersey NJ, Maine ME, Florida FL, Connecticut CT, Mass and the entire USA or America, please contact the respective customer service department.

TD Bank Mortgage Rates Calculator

The TD Bank online resource center provides the facility of rate calculator which can be used by every customers and borrowers. With the help of this rate calculator, the borrowers can estimate and calculate their loan or mortgage payment with the applicable interest rates and even the borrowers can calculate the savings from refinancing. The customer can choose the appropriate one from the several calculators available on the following web page. These may include refinance calculator and many others.

The further detailed information on TD Bank mortgage rates, contest, refinance rates, Ameritrade mortgage and others, can be found on the bank website or refer the FAQs available there.



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