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TD Ameritrade Account

The TD Ameritrade offers different types of online brokerage accounts which are classified into four basic types i.e. standard, retirement, education savings and specialty investing account. Some of them which could be noted are the custodial account for savings child education, Investment club, Trust, Partnership, Traditional, Roth, Rollover and other IRAs. Moreover, one can manage, view the balances and positions of these account via online client log on center.

Besides, there are also some other types of account such as money market and margin account. The money market accounts pay usually high rate as according to the condition of the rate in the market. On the other hand the margin account allows the investors to borrow funds for buying marginable securities etc.

There is no minimum balance to open the accounts which are mentioned above. However a sum of $2,000 is required to deposit for the margin account and options although there is promotional offers.

The transferring of account from one different firm to TD Ameritrade is also possible which can be processed easily through an external account transfer form or wizard. But depending on the types of transfer, the applicable fees of $25 and $75 will be charged. For more detailed on account transfer and fees, you can refer the following links.

TD Ameritrade Account Bonus

TD Ameritrade provides certain bonus programs such as suze orman and special offers. The former program offers internet equity trades without any commission for 30 days and cash benefits whereas the latter offers 30 free trades for a year and some other advantages. The latest and updated information on new promotions, bonuses and its code can be found on their website. Therefore it is advisable to refer the news and resources available on the website.

TD Ameritrade Account Savings

The TD Ameritrade educations savings accounts are basically meant for college and higher education of the child. These are available in the following three types.
  • 529
  • Coverdell ESA
  • UGMA or UTMA custodial account
The online direct application is available for the 529 savings account whereas the applicants of the remaining account need to download the forms from the website which is available at the link given below.

The list of requirements, maintenance fees, minimum deposit, features, benefits and advantage etc. and comparison of these accounts are also available at the following location.

TD Ameritrade Account IRA

TD Ameritrade IRAs are basically savings account for the retirement. These IRAs are available in five types with various options of investment choices and attractive features. The types of this retirement account are listed below.
  • Traditional
  • Roth
  • Rollover
  • SEP
These IRAs can be opened directly through the online application process. For the complete list of comparison, features and advantages, one can visit the following link.

Those customers who are seeking information on accounts of TD Banknorth and TD Waterhouse can refer the respective website or visit the concerned local branch.

For detailed information on TD Ameritrade accounts, close and closing fees, insurance, holder litigation and others, please refer the available web resources and the following website.



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