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TD Bank Account

The TD Bank accounts are classified into three major types both for the personal and the business customers. These include personal, business, checking, money market and savings account. In addition TD Bank offers IRAs (individual retirement account), student savings and checking accounts and those for kids as well. These can also exist in other types like Certificate of Deposits and TD Ameritrade account for online trading and brokerage services.

TD Bank Account Number

If you are curious about various questions like "How to find TD account number?" or "What is my TD account number?", then the answer is very simple. This is because there are many options to find the TD Bank account number. It can be through customer service, local store, online banking or just by having a look on the check provided by the bank. The account number on cheque is located just next to the transit number or routing number. This number may be the combination of digits in particular format.

TD Bank Account Online

TD Bank online service enables to access the account information, like statement, transfers history, or even one can check the balances and many other details. Besides, if there is any kind of internet accessibility, one can simply login to transfer funds, make bill payments and perform balance inquiry, etc. from any place say for example New York NY.

In fact one can also close and open the personal accounts through this online service. The closing is possible only when his or her account balance is zero otherwise it can only be processed through a written request or by visiting the concerned local branch. Moreover this written request must be signed and notarized as well as it must be accompanied with the account number and other properties of the bank, such as passbook, debit cards and others. On the other hand, the opening of online joint account is not possible due to identity verification problems.

Non online bankers need to logon on TD Bank website and complete the three steps registration available there. After completing this process, you will be able to sign in to your account. To start the registration, you can follow the link given below.

Further, the accessibility of the online banking account may be locked automatically, if you attempt to log in with an invalid ID or password for several times. Whenever you have such problems, contact the 24/7 customer service at 888-751-9000 or use the password reset options available on the TD Bank account login page. For security purpose, an online session automatically terminates in case of inactivity for a period of time.

TD Bank Account Interest Rates

The TD Bank savings account interest rates can be classified into five types viz, convenience, elite, young saver, club saver and health savings account (HSA). In fact these accounts can be opened without any minimum initial deposit and the applicable maintenance fees and charges can be waived off if the customer maintains the daily minimum balance. A TD account promotion may come up with schemes that allow you to accrue additional bonus points on those mentioned above. The elite and health savings accounts yield high APY and interest rates. The complete list of the rates and fees can be found on the following link.

Despite the attractive savings account rates and fees, money market and checking accounts are also available at competitive interest rates. However these rates may fluctuate depending on the locations. So while you lookup or search for the information about rates on the internet, you need to provide the exact location.

For other info on TD Bank account recovery and fraud management, manager salary, application status and other issues, please contact the customer service or refer the FAQs available on the TD Bank or TD Banknorth website.



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