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TD Bank Personal Loans

TD Bank offers various types of personal loans for home improvement, buying a car, recreational vehicle, boat etc. and others. These loans are featured with competitive low variable and fixed rates. At present following type of personal loans are available with the TD Bank.
  • Auto loan
  • Boat or recreational vehicle loan
  • Collateral loan
  • Personal unsecured loan
  • Moneyline overdraft protection
The auto loans are made available to buy the used or new car. These loans are available at low fixed rate without any annual fees. The borrowers are not necessary to spend a single a penny and they can borrow the required amount which is within the range of $5,000 - $100,000.

The dream of owning a recreational vehicle such as boat can be true with the TD Bank boat or RV loans. These loans are available on the installment basis with low fixed rate. If you wish to refinance or purchase a boat, the TD boat loan is also a best option.

The collateral loans are designed for the customers having savings account, CDs or money market account with the TD Bank. These accounts and CDs can be used as guarantee to secure such collateral loan at low competitive rates and even the customers can be benefited by earning the interest on the secured funds.

The TD Bank unsecured loans are offered to the customers who wish to combine the high interest debt or want to spend a vacation etc. These loans are available with low fixed rate without any closing costs or annual fees. This is the best option for those who need a fixed rate, term and payment but no collaterals are in possession to secure.

The Moneyline overdraft protection loan is made available for those customers who are having the TD checking account. It is a line of credit which also enables the customers to protect their checking accounts from various overdraft fees and charges. This loan allows the customers to request the line of credit of $500 at minimum and $5,000 at the maximum.

Moreover, there are also various types of home equity loans and line of credit for home improvement, debt consolidation and others. These loans are available at fixed interest rates, fixed monthly payment and minimum loan amount of $10,000. The customers can also determine the rate and monthly payment by calculating through the calculator available on the bank website or you can follow the link given below.

TD Bank Personal Loan Rates

As mentioned above, TD Bank north personal loan rates are of two types i.e. variables and fixed rates. However these loan rates are differed from one type of loan to another as according to the terms and loan amount. Some of the rates and APRs are given below, but the detailed information about the rates and APRs will be found on the bank website.

Types Amounts Terms (months) Rate APR
Auto $5,000 - $100,000   5.99% 6.09%
RV/Boat $5,000-$9,999 12-60 9.49% 9.64%
  $10,000-$24,999 12-60 8.69% 8.75%
  $25,000-$49,999 12-60 8.49% 8.52%
  $50,000-$100,000 12-60 7.99% 8.00%

TD Bank Personal Loan Application

TD Banknorth personal loan application can be submit in many options such as online application through the bank website or by visiting the nearest local branch and contacting the loan customer service. All the personal loans except the Moneyline Overdraft Protection can apply by phone at following details whereas for the Moneyline Overdraft Protection, the customers need to call the lending officer at 800-457-2387

Apply by Phone
Phone Number: 800-937-5020

Apply Online

In addition, the TD Bank online banking services also enable the customers to payoff their monthly payment before 5:30 p.m., Eastern Time through its secured online loan payment center. To make online payment, the customers can login to the link given below.

For further information on TD Bank personal loans, insurance, payment address, assessment and payee, please refer the bank and its associates' website.



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