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MetLife Employee

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is the nation leading providers of insurance and financial products. To meet the requirement of every customer the company deploys the experienced and dedicated employee at various branch locations in the country and worldwide. MetLife, Inc. keeps on recruiting the eligible and qualified candidates from the nation and overseas to place at its subsidiaries, affiliates and the parent company. Being one of the largest insurance companies in the world the demands of employees and workers for the company never go down, instead it rises up and up with the acquisition and merging of other small institutions.

MetLife Employees

The MetLife employees are available to help and assist the customers in all sorts of products and services, say may be through phone, in person, etc. Giving full satisfaction to the customers in every service and products is the priority of the company and the employee did their best to do so. Complaints are rare in the field of customer service from the concern department and center. Co-operation among the workers from all grades of employments and jobs is what one can experience and feel it in the working environment at MetLife. The number of MetLife employees is more than 65,500.

MetLife provides online tools to search jobs, agents, office locations, dentists, etc, with a simple method by entering the Zip Code or name of a city and state.

MetLife Employee Benefits

MetLife provides lots of benefits and advantages to the employees for their dedication to deals the customers and sacrificing their valuable times and energies to satisfy the needs of the customers. The MetLife employee benefits are numerous including different types of retirement and pension plans, high salaries, life insurance, health and dental insurance, vacations, discounts for several federal employee benefits program, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned common benefit features, the employees undergoes leadership & employee benefits sales training and personality development programs through the continuous learning process. They also provide the MetLife Employee Assistance Program to assist the customers in various aspects of services. The company also has employee retirement benefits facility beyond the employees from the company to give more security at the time of their retirement. To obtain more information about it clients can contact the MetLife representatives at Clients and employees who have an online account can sign in with their secure login user ID and password. The workers from the company have their employee ID which is also known as associate ID that serves to login to the IB Producer Portal.

The MetLife Employee Benchmarking Report is an important tool for the professionals, brokers and consultants to make benefits in comparing the company’s employee benefits plans and practices against other companies on size, industry and geographic location. To get more information about MetLife Employee Benefits Benchmarking Report, study of employee benefits trends, clients can visit at

MetLife Employee Directory

The complete MetLife employee directory along with the designation and portfolio can be availed from the nearest branch office or from their official website. Following are some of the high ranking officers and executive leaders from Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Board of Directors

C. Robert Henrikson: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chairman of the Board and President.

Burwell, Sylvia Mathews

Castro-Wright, Eduardo

Grisé, Cheryl W.

Hubbard, R. Glenn

Keane, John M.

Kelly, Jr., Alfred F.

Kilts, James M.

Kinney, Catherine R.

Price, Hugh B.

Satcher, David

Sicchitano, Kenton J.

Wang, Lulu C.

Executive Officers

C. Robert Henrikson: CEO, Chairman of the Board and President.

Carr, Gwenn L.: Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman

Henkel, Kathleen A.: Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Kandarian, Steven A.: Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Latrenta, Nicholas D.: Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Morris, Maria R.: Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations

Mullaney, William J.: President, U.S. Business

Toppeta, William J.: President, International

Wheeler, William J.: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

For further information about MetLife employee blog, handbook, message board, and reviews, the employees and clients can stop at a nearby branch center or log in to their authentic website.



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