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MetLife Login

MetLife Login is an entrance to serve the online services offered by the company to the customers as well as the employees. The MetLife login is a secured and protected service with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect the employees and customers’ accounts from phishing and fraudulent activities. The clients and employees who have an eService or online accounts can sign in with their secret logon user name and password for a variety of services offered by them. The employers and clients from MetLife can get the latest information about their mortgages, loans, deposits, savings, checking accounts and many more by signing in into the respective link provided by the company. The company also provides 401k savings plan similar to that of IRA. Customers and employees having 401k plans can log in to get latest information about their account.

Any employers and customers who are parts of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, and have login user name and password can log in to their MetLife accounts. The “eService Login” is the entrance for life insurance, annuities, disability, long-term care, auto home, and total control account; and “MetLife Bank” is to sign in for Money Market, CDs and Savings, and home loans and Mortgage Accounts offered by MetLife Bank, NA. Likewise, the company has several links to offer online services for various businesses and financial services. The following are some of the popular online link to log in at their respective field of services.

  • Retirement SavingsLink - It is a link for retirement plan access for employees of education, healthcare, nonprofit and government organizations.
  • MyBenefits - Benefits through the employers
  • MetLink - Group Benefits Administration
  • Plan Service Center - To Sign On for employer sponsored Savings Plans Administration 403(b).
  • MetDental - Providers for Dental Professionals Account
  • Broker eService - It is to log in for MetLife Resources Annuity Programs (403(b), 457) i.e., Brokers & Consultants
  • My MetLife and Associate Information Center (AIC) is to login for MetLife Associates.
MetLife agent login is a specific log in site for Agent Resource Site (ARS). Similar to that of other login process, it also has separate space to enter the login user ID an password. To get obtain more information the customers can dial a customer support number at 1-800-255-0332.

MetLife Dental Login

MetLife Dental login is the gateway for a variety of plans, providers and programs from MetLife. MetDental is a link that leads for online services offered by the company. This includes federal dental login and log in for Dental Professionals Account providers. Find more information about MetLife Dental login from their official website.

MetLife Login Page

MetLife login page is a page where the user name and password are requested to enter in the appropriate box. MetLife login page is not similar for all the products and services offered by the company. There may be some slight difference according to the products and services. What is important in login page is to enter the user name and password. Because, while entering the letters, numerals, sign and symbols in the provided box, it cannot be the same for the small letters with that of capital letters in case of password and user name, as these are case sensitive codes. By saying this, the customers shouldn’t think differently as this will help the customers’ accounts and related information in secret i.e. to protect from thief and fraud.

For further information about MetLife login, users can stop in a nearby local branch office or log in to their official website.



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