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MetLife Careers

MetLife Careers are offered with endless possibilities to promote the candidates’ expertise in the field of insurance and financial services. The employees from MetLife undergo several personality development and leadership training programs with continuous education system for long lasting in the future careers of the employees. MetLife also provides two distinct search tools to choose the specific jobs according to the wish of the candidates. The aspiring and qualified students or candidates can discover the opportunity of MetLife careers only when they join the company. The career site of MetLife is there for the interested candidates to login and discover everything, what the applicant wish to get from it.

The disable applicants who need a reasonable accommodation can contact MetLife Employee Relations at-1-877-THE-ER11 (-1-877-843-3711) or through Email at It is important to note that MetLife is a member of an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

MetLife Career Opportunities

The candidates who wish to be part of MetLife can explore the career opportunities given to the employees for all kinds of jobs. Interested applications can apply for various job positions available in the country at different locations.
The search tools available on the home page of their official website can help the aspiring and eligible candidates to choose for sale jobs or other jobs like accounting or finance, technology, investments, home loans, etc. To get employments in MetLife can be considered as a dream comes true with so many benefits and advantages, such as savings and retirement plans, internships, life insurance, and pay good salary.

MetLife career opportunities can be grasped at the moment from some of the jobs listing branch locations at Utica in New York (NY), Tampa in Florida (FL), Dayton in Ohio (OH), Texas (TX), New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), and New York City (NYC).

MetLife Careers in Motion

MetLife is a world leading insurance and financial providers with more than 90 million customers. Being one of the largest financial institutes in the country and the entire globe, the company is in need of more employees to be allotted in the newly acquired and branches in any part of the nation. This company has approximately 52,900 employees according to the report of 2010. Another interesting fact of this company is that, they have retail banking unit known as MetLife Bank, NA (National Association) which keep on expanding its branches day by day in the whole country. So, young students and candidates who are interested in bank jobs or careers can apply for it after finding out the jobs opening or listing from a nearby branch or from their official website. MetLife has a special test-drive program to put the candidates’ future career in motion.

For further information about MetLife Careers and career review, one can visit the nearest branch office or log in to their authentic website.



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