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MetLife Disability

MetLife, Inc. is one of the topmost insurance and financial providers in the nation and throughout the world. The MetLife disability insurance is offered to different occupational classes and has several benefits and coverage for the policyholders to protect themselves and their families as we can’t avoid the risk of disability. The insurances and financial products from this company were specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of the employers and customers in various aspect of their life. Policyholders who become disabled can visit at a nearby local Social Security office to find out the eligibility condition and availability of the benefits for disability insurance. Customers can also contact the Social Security Administration toll-free number at 800-772-1213 to obtain more information.

The reviews about the Company products and services can be checked to satisfy the customers. Clients who are not satisfied with the products and services of the MetLife disability insurance can complaints through the customer service representatives’ phone number. The contact info MetLife Disability policies are given below.

Individuals: 1-800-929-1492

Individuals with Employee Benefits: 1-800-858-6506

MetLife Disability Insurance

MetLife disability insurance can helps the clients and employees to meet their financial goals and objectives in the state of disable conditions, may be mentally or physically due to some unavoidable accidents. Most of us usually keeps on and focuses at insuring the property and material possessions but forgetting about the valuable asset or the first priority to insure for uncertainties. To choose the MetLife Disability Income Insurance can be regarded as the best option for the citizens, as this can prevent and protect the policyholders from serious debt when he/she is unable to work because of a sickness or injury. The disability insurance provides financial security and it can helps the policyholders meet their expenses and maintain their current standard of living without affecting their income and life, till he/she gets back on their feet and return to normal work. It can also help the clients to pay bills for mortgage, tuition, car payments and covering the expenses for clothing, food and utilities.

MetLife offers different types of disability insurance for the citizens, following are some of the common types of disability insurance.
  • Group Disability insurance
  • Individual Income Disability Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability insurance
  • Log-Term Disability insurance
Clients who wish to get more information about the benefits and coverage of the above mentioned disability insurance can log in to their official website. MetLife provides online services, calculators and tools for a variety of purposes. Mybenefits and is an online service provided by the company to the clients with a secure login process. The disability insurance quote can easily be viewed from the “Get a Quote” link available on the home page of their authentic website.

MetLife disability Claims

MetLife provides disability claim unit leader to check and examine the claim status file by the policyholders. It is good for the clients to approach the representatives from a MetLife branch office before the policyholders file lawsuits or other legal proceeding about the disability insurance claims. The MetLife disability claims phone number is 1-800-ASK-4-MET (1-800-275-4638). Customers can contact at the same number for various enquiries. The “FAQs” link can also helps the customers to obtain answers for some of the frequently asked questions regarding the file of claims and its related issues.

The mailing address to submit the MetLife disability claims form is at:

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Attn: MetLife Disability Claims
PO Box 14590
Lexington, KY 40511-4590
Fax: 1-800-230-9531

MetLife Disability Forms

MetLife disability forms are available at Forms Library. The clients can also obtain different types of disability insurance application and claim forms including Direct Deposit Form and Medical authorization Form from the same source.

For further information about the MetLife disability, clients can contact the representative from a nearby office or log in to their authentic website.



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