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MetLife Annuity

MetLife provides a clean and transparent financial contract whenever they deal annuity with the customers. Annuities are financial contracts between the insurance company and the customers to support the customers in the form of periodic lifetime payments at a later time. The annuity products have GMIB riders, loan options, and many more. The reviews and ratings given the customers and other agencies are the witness and strength of the MetLife Annuity products.

The customer service of MetLife Annuities can be reached by phone, in person or through mail. The following are the annuities customer service phone numbers with some important addresses. Annuities Customer Service Phone Number

Fixed Annuities: 1-800-255-9448
Variable Annuities: 1-800-343-8496
Annuities formerly administered by Security First Group (SFG): 1-800-284-4536
Group Annuities formerly administered by Security First Group (SFG):

MetLife Annuity Mailing Address

Variable Annuity Products
MetLife Investors
PO Box 10366
Des Moines IA 50306-0366

Fixed Annuity Products
MetLife Investors
PO Box 295
Des Moines IA 50306-0295

Overnight Address
MetLife Investors
4700 Westown Parkway
Building 4, Suite 200
West Des Moines, IA 50266

The online services from the company support the annuity products. Customers having accounts can login with their secret user ID and password to access the various kinds of services offered by the company. The MetLife Annuity Fax number is (509) 783-9370.

MetLife Annuities

MetLife offers a wide array of annuities to the customers to yield a good result for their investment in the company. The following are some of the MetLife annuities with their characteristic features.
  • Variable /Universal Annuity (UA) - It offers income growth and protection.
  • Fixed annuity - The fixed annuity helps the customers’ principal to be safe and it’ll earn a guaranteed rate of return.
  • Immediate Annuity - Similar to the name itself, this annuity helps to get money sooner than deferred annuity and it can be both variable as well as fixed annuities.
  • Deferred Annuity - It allows investing money for both single and flexible payments.
The variable and fixed annuities are the most common among them. Those of the above mentioned types of annuities have several benefits and characteristic features, to get more information about it the customers can log in to their official website or stop at a nearby branch center. Moreover, the MetLife Investors Fixed Annuity is designed for the long-term retirement savings that provides a steady stream of flexible payment and investment options for life. The Individual Customer Service Phone Number for Annuities is 1-800-638-7732. They also has annuity calculator to determine the rates.

MetLife Annuity Rates

The customers should know the annuity rates before they choose for any kinds of its products. As choosing the right annuities can give more benefits and advantages to the clients in returns. Incase of facing any problems at the time of selection annuities from the company. The MetLife annuity advisors are there to help the consumers, or clients can contact through the customer service phone number for various enquiries even to complaints about the products. Moreover, the company often provides higher interest rates to meet the needs of every citizen.

MetLife Annuity Forms

All the MetLife Annuity forms are available at Forms Library. Clients who want to get different kinds of annuities form, such as beneficiary change, distribution, withdrawal and surrender request forms including beneficiary claim form 7242 can be obtained from the same source. To get more information about it including prospectus, funds, operations and services, performance, investor services and annuity fees, the customers can visit a nearby local office or log in to their authentic website.



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