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MetLife Eservice

MetLife eService is an innovative online service solution from the company for the employees as well as the customers. The MetLife, Inc. always dreams and aspires to endow consistently deliver extraordinary online services to the customers. Offering of innovative online service solutions or eServices to the customers simplify and streamline the most significant benefits administration tasks. This service allows from eligibility and enrollment, to billing, claims, and reporting.

The MetLife eService has several features and includes for a variety of services. The following are some of it.

MetLife eServices feature:
  • Immediate Access to Data
  • Valuable Content and Tools
  • Secured Environment
  • Ease-of-Use
MetLife eServices include:
  • MyBenefits for Employees
  • MetDental for Dental Providers
  • MetLink for Employers, Brokers and Consultants
The MetLife eService is being utilized by more than 30,000 group customers and over 20 million employees. Because of the convenient access to the correct tools and resources allow the clients and employees to make more advanced benefits decisions about their Metropolitan Life Insurance Company coverage on their own schedule. The employers and customers can login with their secret user ID and password to avail the internet banking or eService for a variety of services.

Customers who have individual or business accounts in MetLife can apply for eService provided by the company to make the business activities simpler and easier. The MetLife eService is available for Life Insurance, Annuities, Auto & Home, Investors, etc. It allows viewing employers and customers’ account details, to redirect, and many other payments. Group Variable Universal Life insurance (GVUL) is also allowed to access the said service.

MetLife eService Login

The MetLife eService Login is an entrance to access the online services offered by the company. Whoever enrolls for MetLife eService can enjoy the fast, easy and sophisticate business activities with the company from anywhere at anytime. Moreover, clients should take note of it that while creating an eService login user ID and password, he/she must take care of the sign & symbol, numeral and especially the alphabet/letter. Because the small letters are not similar with capital letters in case of passwords, as these are case sensitive codes. For example, ‘PasSword’, ‘PASSWORD’, or ‘password’, are not equivalent to each other. Saying this, the customers shouldn’t think in otherwise as this will help the customers’ accounts and related information to keep secret i.e. to the concern owners only.

MetLife provides certain security measure and method not to occur any fraudulent activities. Incase, if the customers have forgotten their user ID or name, he/she can contact the customer service phone number at 1-866-363-8669. Similarly, the new password can be obtained from the company “Password Reset” link, if the customers forget their password. However, it will take some process with verification of personal information to protect the customers’ privacy and security of the company site.

For further information about MetLife eService, login, eService NEF and other related services, users can stop at a nearby branch office or log in to their official website.



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