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MetLife Retirement

MetLife is one of the world leading insurance and financial providers with solutions for every product to meet the requirement of the citizens. MetLife retirement plans are the special planning from the company that help the customers meet their financial needs and goals after they retired. The investment products, such as annuities, banking and IRAs can help the customers maximize their retirement income and make it last for their lifetime. Various kinds of Annuities can also help the clients grow and protect their retirement savings and future income.

The MetLife retirement plans include dental benefits programs for the employers. The MetLife retirement income selector is a tool that helps the customers understands the needs of savings and investments to generate the guaranteed sources of income. The MetLife Retirement Perspectives is a group variable annuity, which is issued by MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut.

MetLife Retirement Plans

Retirement plans are necessary for every employee. MetLife retirement plans may be the right choice for all the employees who wish to enjoy the second half of their life peacefully without any worries and anxieties after they retire from their jobs. The MetLife Retirement Portfolio and Planning has different key features. They are:
  • Retirement Strategy - Within this strategy the customers can find various options and solutions, such as envisioning or funding about the customers’ retirement, protecting their retirement income, determining what retirement will cost, etc.
  • Stages of Retirement - It will help the customers decide when to save, where to invest, the question of retirement safeguards, maximizing social security benefits, etc, before, after or nearing retirements for the future. The MetLife savings plan is specially design to sustain the customers’ lifestyle after their retirement. Savings plan includes 401(k), 403 b, IRA and deferred annuity. Income insurance from the company is the appropriate one for the individuals who are already retired or near retirement.
The customers can fill a secure online form to be contacted by the MetLife customer service representative anytime if he/she is not that much aware of it. They also have a retirement toolbox to help the customers assess what they will need in retirement. This toolbox includes articles, calculators, checklists, and fact sheets for retirement and healthcare. The Mature Market Institute (MMI) from MetLife has experienced gerontologists, they undergoes research, training, and support the customers and business partners from Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

MetLife Retirement Savings Link

MetLife retirement SavingsLink serve as a portal for online service provided by the company to the customers with a secure account access facility. The link provides with a separate box to enter the login username and PIN, and then click the sign in button to proceed for further procedure and avail the services offered by it. The customers having multiple retirement accounts may be able to reduce risk exposure, paperwork and costs by combining their accounts. The retirement accounts also have the benefits of consolidating and resources can be available through online from their official website at

To obtain more information about MetLife AARP, retirement benefits service center, readiness index and funds, clients can stop at the nearest branch office or log in to their authentic website.



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