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MetLife Fund

MetLife, the leading insurance giant does not provide only insurance products to the customers. But the investments service from the company has a variety of options, such as mutual funds and brokerage services from the company can help customers meet their financial goals. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company fund can be classified broadly into stable value and mutual funds. The MetLife fund factsheets can easily be available from online eDelivery service provided by the company to the customers. The MetLife Fund Management Services is a competitive investment advisory solution for the emerging investors by Broker-Dealer Group from the company.

The detailed information about MetLife fund fees, prices and expenses are mentioned clearly in a fund's prospectus, which include more information about the investment strategy and operations. MetLife funds charges management and administrative fees, which in return pay as the salaries for the fund managers and staffs. The additional information for MetLife fund performance can be availed from their official website at

The MetLife fund list is allowed to access by the investors who join Guaranteed Investment Bond and pension products. The investors are also allowed for fund select premier from MetLife annuities according to their choice of preference premier.

MetLife Mutual Funds

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company offers thousands of mutual funds to help meet the financial objectives of the customers. The MetLife mutual funds are invested in stocks, bonds, and money market instruments after the investors made investments in the company. The MetLife customers have two funding options in a 403(b) plan i.e. annuities and mutual fund custodial accounts.

The MetLife mutual funds are offered by MetLife Securities from more than 250 renowned name fund families. The mutual funds from MetLife have the following characteristic features.
  • Professional Management - The MetLife managers do the research and invest the asset on the behalf of customers.
  • Liquidity - Liquidity is the advantage of this fund. It allows the customers to buy or sell their shares at any time.
  • Diversification - MetLife mutual funds are invested in a various companies and reduce the customers’ investment risk.
  • Affordability - Investment in MetLife are not expensive and it can be invested in many different securities, customers can start investments with as low as $1000 or even less than that amount.
  • Convenience - MetLife mutual funds are easy to access for a wide range of investments and it can easily be allowed for withdrawal.

MetLife Stable Value Fund

As a part of US Retirement Solutions MetLife offers a stable value fund to the citizens to make their investments predictable, safe and stable, and have guaranteed returns and daily liquidity options. It is similar to money market fund but offer with considerably higher returns. Morningstar is one of the providers of stock market analysis about the MetLife presence in the stock market of the country. The MetLife stable value fund has several benefits. It offers with fixed and floating rate return structures, flexible contributions, withdrawals, etc.

The MetLife stable value funds and assets are usually invested through the traditional GIC and Met Managed GIC. The customers can log in to their authentic website or stop at the nearest branch office to get extra information about MetLife stable value fund symbol, CUSIP and prospectus.

For more information about MetLife unclaimed funds, codes, stock index, and grants, clients and business partners can visit a nearby branch center or log ion to their official website.



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