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Commonwealth Bank Swift Code

Swift Code or also known as BIC is the unique identification code of the bank used to identify individual banks around the world. It is particularly used for the purpose of receiving or sending International Money Transfer (IMT) from any other external bank or institution or to any other external bank and institution around the world. It is a series of numbers and is equivalent to Australia BSB code. This BSB or Bank-State-Branch code is a 6 digit number used to identify banks and branches within Australia. This code can be of range between 3 and 23 digits depending on the country of the operating bank. Commonwealth Bank BSB and account number can be found on the regular bank statement or on the cheque book of the bank.

IBAN is mandatory in some countries to identify a customer's account when making International Money Transfer. However, IBANs are not used in Australia, but for certain reasons or if payments are being received from IBAN mandatory countries, senders may need to provide the IBAN number. For this, Commonwealth Bank customers will combine the BSB and the account number and send it to the sender. One should note that there should not be any space, dash or hyphen between the BSB and account number.

Commonwealth Bank Swift Code Australia

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia Swift code for its head office Sydney and all Australian branches is CBTAAU2S. The bank swift code in Indonesia is BICNIDJA. There are also other BIC or Swift codes of Commonwealth Bank for some specific purposes and in some banking locations. Below we provide the swift codes of Commonwealth Bank for respective purposes and banking branches in Australia.

Melbourne -CTBAAU2S3FX for Melbourne Group Treasury Centre.
-CTBAAU2S3OT for Export/Import Collections and Documentary Credits
Brisbane -CTBAAU2S400
Adelaide -CTBAAU2S500
Perth -CTBAAU2S600
Hobart -CTBAAU2S700
Darwin -CTBAAU2S800
Sydney -CTBAAU2SCLS for CLS Control Function
-CTBAAU2SFXD for Treasury Foreign Exchange Accounting & Settlements
-CTBAAU2SITS for International Trade Processing Centre
-CTBAAU2SOBU for Offshore Banking Unit

To receive International Money Transfer from any outside account in Commonwealth Bank account, beneficiaries will have to provide the sender information such as the name of the bank, BIC or Swift code which is CTBAAU2S, BSB/ Account Number, and its name street address. If receiving from USA and Canada, beneficiaries will have to further provide information such as Agent Bank which is Bank of New York, ABA 021 0000 18 001 and BIC/Swift Code IRVTUS3N.

The BSB and account number of Commonwealth Bank are given on the regular bank statement and on the cheque book of the bank. If one don't have or can't find, one can simply call 13 2221 or +61 13 2221 when calling from overseas. For more details, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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