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Commonwealth Bank Debit Card

Commonwealth Bank Debit Card offers a host of convenient services to its account holder customers. It can be used in overseas and can be used to pay for purchases anywhere in the world wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted, be it mail order, telephone banking or online. Cardholders can use CBA Debit MasterCard, Keycard or linked credit card to access and perform banking information and transactions at a wide range of ATMs in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Vietnam. They can use the Master Debit Card to purchase goods and services, withdraw cash, obtain balances, and several other convenient banking information and transaction services. Commonwealth Bank MasterCard Gift Card, which is a prepaid card, allows cardholders to purchase goods in stores through online as well as over phone wherever MasterCard prepaid card is accepted.

Commonwealth Bank Debit Card Student

Students having an account with Commonwealth Bank can enjoy a wide range of benefits especially overseas students. They can access to over 1,000 branches and 4,000 ATMs nationwide. The bank waives monthly account fees and transaction fees, which can add up to $10 or more per month, for students with its Everyday Account.

Students can easily transfer money to and from overseas and can access accounts 24/7 via NetBank, Mobile Banking and Telephone Banking anywhere in the world. Using the Debit Card provided by the bank, students can access money in hundreds of thousands of ATMs and EFTPOS terminals in over 30 million locations anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.

Commonwealth Bank Debit Card Apply

Application for a Commonwealth Bank Debit Card or opening an account with the bank is simple and hassle-free. Customers need not be anxious as to how to apply or how to get a Commonwealth Bank Debit Card. One can conveniently apply either online or over the phone. If to apply through online, they can simply log on to the bank's website and click the 'Apply Online' tab, or if to apply over the phone, one can simply call 13 2221. Alternatively, customers can apply or have an account opened direct from any branch office of the bank. To open a YouthSaver account, applicants should be under 18 years of age and should have an Australian citizenship or permanent residency. If applicants are under 16 years of age, one of the parents will need to give their consent to open the account. There are no monthly account fees and withdrawal fees on YouthSaver account.

Cash withdrawals and purchases made through ATMs, EFTPOS, Post Offices, Maestro/Cirrus and Visa Plus networks when in overseas and any other electronic terminals, are subject to daily withdrawal limit, and the withdrawals are subject to availability of note denominations. However, the daily withdrawal limit does not apply if customers use Debit MasterCard to access their accounts. For card activation or to request an increase for daily withdrawal limit, or for replacement of a lost Debit Card and any other related queries and assistance, customers can call the help desk number 13 2221.

For more info about Commonwealth Bank Visa Debit Card and Debit MasterCard and to know all other related details such as for business and use in overseas, reviews and more, please log on to the bank's official website.



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