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Commonwealth Bank Exchange Rates

Commonwealth Bank of Australia offers comprehensive foreign exchange service and competitive exchange rates. The bank buys and sells foreign cash and travelers cheques in over 30 different currencies. Customers can purchase these cash and cheques in operating branch offices or online. They can also send an international money transfer through a branch or online via NetBank. Commonwealth Bank also offers foreign drafts in 14 currencies issued in more than 20 countries, and also offers a comprehensive range of travel money card enabling traveler access money easily when traveling overseas. The bank also offers a wide comprehensive range of foreign exchange services to individuals doing business internationally, helping them reduce risk and making international transactions easier.

Be it conversion of Australian dollar to Euro, AUD to US dollar or to any other foreign currency, customers can enjoy competitive exchange rates and perhaps the best deals in the town. The bank use a floating exchange rate system, because of which the value of the Australian dollar can rise and fall any day, depending on the demand of its currency. The exchange rate calculator provided on the website of the bank can help one know the current rate of any foreign currency exchange rate. The rates of exchange for any currency are subject to change and at bank's discretion.

The exchange rates for today may not be applicable for tomorrow, and thus customers are asked to confirm the latest rates of any currency before coming into any transaction decision.

Commonwealth Bank Exchange Rates Calculator

To know the value of one currency in relation to another of any foreign currency, or to learn the current exchange rate between different currencies, customers can use the foreign exchange calculator that is provided on the website of the bank. For this, one can simply select the type of transaction one would like to perform, choose a currency and then enter the amount that one wish to convert. The tool will display the current exchange rate of one currency in relation to another. One can also view the historical rates of the selected currency or any currency, be it USD, Rupee, Yen etc. Using of foreign currency calculator does not include any fees or charges.

For any queries and assistance regarding Commonwealth Bank foreign exchange service and exchange rate related information, customers may call the bank's representative at 13 1998. For more info about Commonwealth Bank exchange rate, and to know in detailed about using CBA credit card and MasterCard in overseas locations, and to view the history of different foreign currency exchange rates, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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