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Commonwealth Bank Card

Commonwealth Bank offers a wide variety of awards cards, low annual fee cards and low interest rate cards, each tailored with unique benefits and services to help meet the various needs and preferences of diverse customers. Whether individuals are looking for flexibility or conveniences, or wanting to be rewarded as one spends, CBA has the answers with its range of rewards and convenient services. The bank offers all kind of cards with in-built benefits and services such as for traveling and using overseas, balance transfer, credit card limit increase, foreign currency exchange, and provides hassle-free services for application, activation, cancellation, replacement, lost or stolen etc. Cardmembers, especially frequent flyers can take great advantage for benefits such as competitive exchange rate, low international transaction fee and cash advance fee, travel insurance and more. CBA Awards credit cards allow cardholders earn exciting reward points from everyday purchases and spending.

The wide range Commonwealth Bank Awards American Express Card and Awards MasterCard or Visa Card, Low Fee Cards and Low Rate Cards includes such as Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Student Credit Card etc. The bank also has a range of other cards such as Business Debit/Credit Card, Prepaid Travel Money Card, MasterCard Debit Card or Keycard, Visa Gift Card, Prepaid Gift Card, Platinum Visa Card, Savings Card, YouthSaver Debit Card etc.

Individuals, if not yet a cardmember can using the credit card selector tool choose from the wide range and enjoy the wide selection of rewards and convenient services offered by the bank.

Commonwealth Bank Card Services

Commonwealth Bank cardmembers can enjoy a wealth package of flexibility and convenient services such as for traveling and using overseas, international money transfer, bill payments, adding new additional card holder, credit limit increase, guaranteed security measures and many others. Application, Activation and cancellation are all hassle-free. One can easily apply or order new card, activate or cancel online with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Commonwealth Bank Card Rewards

Cardmembers of Commonwealth Bank Awards cards which include Awards Credit Card, Gold, Platinum and Diamond are offered to earn exciting reward points for everyday spends using the card. Awards Credit Card is offered to earn upto 1.5 Awards points for every dollar spent. Gold Awards Credit Cardholders can earn upto 2 Awards points for every dollar spent and can enjoy complimentary international travel insurance for trips upto 3 months. Platinum and Diamond Awards Credit Cardmembers can earn upto 3 Awards points for every dollar spent, and Platinum members can enjoy complimentary international travel insurance for upto 12 months. While Diamond Awards cardmembers can earn 1,000,000 Awards point cap per year. For detailed credit card offers and their promotional code, individuals may log on to the official website of the bank.

Commonwealth Bank Card Overseas

Using Commonwealth Bank credit card and Debit MasterCard or Keycard overseas provides a number of travel benefits. Gold and Platinum cardmembers can purchase travel tickets using the card and can receive free travel insurance and free travel accident insurance of upto $250,000 per trip. CBA Debit MasterCard or Keycard provides direct access to ones funds in over 80 countries worldwide with the Maestro and Cirrus electronic networks. Cardmembers can avoid unnecessary money hassles related problems overseas by taking charge of the finances before one leave. The Travel Money Card of CBA gives immediate access to ones money in upto 6 currencies using the only one card. Commonwealth Bank also offers travelers cheques that provide both security as well as convenience.

All cardmembers of Commonwealth Bank are provided with unique security code which is also known as Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) and Card Validation Code 2 (CVC2). For American Express Card, this security code is of 4 digit number and is located on the front of the card on the right hand side just above the American Express logo. While for MasterCard and Visa Card, it is of 3 digit number and is located on the back of the card on the right side of the signature strip. For details of security code and credit card biller code, PIN and other related details, please visit the bank's website.

To report for any lost or stolen of Keycard, ATM Card, Travel Card, and other card related information such as application, activation, cancellation and replacement, cardholders can contact the bank's call centre at 13 2221. Cardmembers also can call 1800 214 212 (within Australia) or +61 2 8209 4199 (overseas).

For more information about Commonwealth Bank cards, and to know all other related details such as EFTPOS, card expiry, application form, Keycard account number, Paypal, Travel Card top up, credit card dispute, skimming, debit card fees and using in overseas and more, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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