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Commonwealth Bank Loan

Commonwealth Bank offers various types of loans with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Whether individuals seeks financing solutions for buying a house or car, for debt consolidation, for business expansion, for holiday, for college expenditure, refinancing or for any other needs, Commonwealth Bank of Australia has the solutions with its range of home loans, business loans and personal loans. The bank offers a comprehensive range of loans including interest only loan, fixed rate home loan, standard variable rate home loan, economiser home loan, equity home loan for seniors, margin loan, campus loan for student, low doc loans, for small businesses, for commercial, and for construction etc.

Customers can take advantage of several convenient services and benefits provided by the bank. With NetBank, customers can efficiently manage both personal and business finances in one convenient place. It is an ideal solution provided by the bank for small businesses. With CommSec margin loan, one can diversify the portfolio and can take advantage of tax benefits. The portfolio loan allow customers take control of the finances by consolidating the business, home and investment loans in one convenient and accessible facility. With equity unlock loan, which is a reverse mortgage loan for seniors, customers of 65 years or over can access funds without changing their lifestyle or even selling their home. Through Wealth Package, a reward package for valued customers, one can save on a variety of borrowings, everyday banking and protection insurance services.

Commonwealth Bank Loan Rates

Be it home loan, business loan, car loan or personal loan, one can enjoy competitive rates and flexible repayment options. Home loans such as standard variable rate, no fee variable rate, fixed rates, economiser and equity home loan are offered with 7.81%, 7.24%, 7.09%, 7.30% and 8.91% interest rate p.a. respectively. With a secure car loan, or if customers wants to use the car as a security for the personal loan, one can borrow car loan at a lower rate of interest.

Commonwealth Bank Loan Application

Application for Commonwealth Bank loan product is hassle-free and getting fast approval is even easier. Applicants can apply either online or in any branch office of the bank. Whether through online or in branch, applicants have to complete the application form and submit it to the processing centre for the approval. Existing customers can apply online through NetBank, or if don't have NetBank access, through online application form. Online applicants can save their application and can review their saved loan application. For personal loans, existing customers need not provide any supporting documents if their pay goes into Commonwealth Bank transaction account and if they only have loans or savings with the bank. For detailed eligibility criteria and requirements for home loans and business loans, please log on to the bank's official website.

To apply for a personal loan, applicants may call 13 14 31 to talk with a personal loan specialist department. To apply for a 60 minute home loan, customers may either contact the Commonwealth Bank home loan department through the phone number 13 2224 or online or via a mobile lender.

Commonwealth Bank Loan Calculator

Using loan calculator, customers can find the right loan offered by the bank by calculating loan amount, term, repayment installment amount and frequency based on their needs and requirements. One can also compare various other loan options side by side using the tool. This calc tool can be used as the planner and estimator for all finance related purposes about loan product.

With repayment redraw facility, customers who have made any additional repayment on their loans can redraw that money. One can redraw those amounts electronically either through selected ATMs, EFTPOS, NetBank or Telephone Banking. On the other hand, if any customers have accumulated additional home loan repayments, they may be eligible for a repayment holiday from 3 months to 12 months.

For more information about Commonwealth Bank loans, and to learn all other related details such as bridging loan, deposit, loan to valuation ratio, loan with guarantor, rate saver, aussie home loans, smsf loans, exit fees, current quotes, loans in Townsville, Melbourne, in the Bahamas, terms and conditions, policy and more, please visit the official website of the bank.



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