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US Bank Wire Transfer

US Bank Wire Transfer is one of the most convenient electronic payment services made available by the bank for commercial businesses as well as personal needs. U.S. Bank brings a complete range of payment services that offers speed, accuracy, security and flexibility. The bank can help in streamlining your payable processes by offering you a wide variety of easy-to-use and highly advanced payment options. Some of the most convenient payment services provided by the bank include:
  • ACH Services
  • Wire Transfer
  • EDI Payments
  • EIPP
  • File Status Manager

US Bank Wire Transfer Instructions

Wire Transfer service made available by US Bank allows you to move funds safely and quickly around the nation or the world. The bank further offers a complete range of inputs that include PC, telephone and mainframe transmission to transfer available funds immediately. Wire transfer can be initiated through any of the methods listed below:

  • Touchtone phone - Make repetitive wire transfer requests using a touchtone phone.
  • Voice - Initiate any type of wire transfer by calling at US Bank Wire Transfer Department.
  • Automated Standing Wire - You can establish recurring domestic transfer instructions to move funds within two specified accounts.
  • Mainframe Batch Wire - Send automated wire transfer files using your mainframe computer through direct transmission. Also include both the domestic and international wire transfers in a single file.
  • Customer Money Transfer (CMT) - Initiate domestic or international wire transfers by establishing PC connection with the bank. Further get reporting information on your outgoing and incoming wires.
  • SinglePoint Wire Transfer - Initiate wire transfer including both the international and domestic transfers and tax payments and easily manage them. Get advance security features, anytime access as well as user centered design that enhances the efficiency of moving funds via wire.

US Bank Wire Transfer Fee

It is important for you to have some idea about the wire transfer fees charged by the bank before making a transfer. US Bank charges competitive wire transfer fees that are highly affordable. The following chart shows the prevailing U.S. Bank wire transfer fee structure.

Incoming (domestic)  $20.00
Outgoing (domestic)  $30.00
Incoming (international)  $25.00
Outgoing (international)  $50.00
Tracer (domestic)  $15.00
Tracer (international)  $25.00

If you are going to receive an international wire transfer then you will have to provide your name to the sender, your account number and the US Bank SWIFT code, i.e. (USBKUS44IMT). If you face difficulties in finding the wire transfer routing number then call at 800-872-2657 to get some assistance. Further visit the website of the bank to find details on the wire transfer address.



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