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US Bank Routing Number

US Bank Routing Numbers is also known as the routing transit number, ABA number or simply the routing number. This nine digit code is usually printed on the bottom left of the checks issued by the branches of the bank. As US Bank has several locations in different states of the U.S., it assigns unique routing number to identity the particular bank branches. The primary function of routing number is to facilitate electronic transfers of funds from a bank account to another. The routing number for your savings, checking and money market account is determined by the location of the branch where you have opened your account.

You can easily find the routing number of your US Bank branch on the bottom left of your checks. Moreover, you can call at 800-872-2657 if you need assistance while locating your routing number. You can also call at 800-888-4700 to obtain auto-transfer instructions and to get information on the routing number for IRAs. In case if you are awaiting an international wire transfer payment then you will have to send your name, account number, and swift code to the sender. The followings are some important US Bank routing number in different states of the country.

Cincinnati, Ohio - 042000013
Northern California - 121122676
Southern California - 122235821
Washington - 125000105
Oregon - 123000220
Minnesota - 091000022
Nevada - 121201694
Tennessee - 064000059
Iowa - 073000545
Eastern Kentucky - 042100175
Western Kentucky - 083900363
Colorado - 102000021
Idaho - 123103729
Arizona - 122105155
Kansas - 101000187
Nebraska - 104000029
South Dakota - 091408501
Utah - 124302150
Arkansas - 082000549
Mistake on Lake, Ohio - 041202582

North Dakota - 091300023
Missouri - 101200453
Southern Illinois - 081202759
Northern Illinois - 071904779
Wisconsin - 075000022
Indiana - 074900783
Missouri - 081000210
Montana - 092900383
Wyoming - 307070115

In addition to the routing number list provided above, you can visit the official website of the bank to find US Bank routing number in Minneapolis, Seattle, St Louis, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Omaha, Milwaukee, Portland and Sacramento.



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