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US Bank Visa Buxx Card

US Bank Visa Buxx Card is one of the most popular prepaid cards for teenagers who are of at least 13 years and above. With the help of a Visa Buxx Card, you can make your teen learn how to use money responsibly. This prepaid card comes with a wide array of features and benefits that are very convincing for the parents as well as the teens. One of the most interesting features of Visa Buxx Card is that it can be used to shop at a huge number of locations across the world.

U.S. Bank Visa Buxx is quite different from a credit card and it allows parents to create a sense of financial responsibility in the mind of their teens without being associated with the typical risks of using credit cards. The card is accepted at all those places where Visa debit cards can be used. It is simply the best way for purchasing day-day expenses, schoolbooks, travel and paying for emergency expenses. In case if your Visa Buxx Card is stolen or lost, you will not be responsible for any type of unauthorized purchases made with the card.

US Bank Visa Buxx Card Features and Benefits

It is very easy for the parents to reload the Visa Buxx Card for their teens. They can reload it online, by visiting any nearby US Bank branch or through the phone using a credit card, check card or a checking account with the bank.

The working principle of this card is very simple as parents put funds into the card and the teens use it for making purchases where Visa Card is accepted. Maximum balance that a Visa Buxx Card can carry at a time is $2000. The total fund transferred to the card must not exceed $2,000 over 30-days period.

US Bank Visa Buxx Login

Parents as well as the teens can login to their card account and check available balance and purchase history of their Visa Buxx Card. They will have to provide their User name and password in the login page in order to access their account. One can also save money on fees while loading their card from checking account, credit card or debit card. You will automatically save $5 when you sign up for the card. You can further save $2 every time you load your Visa Buxx Card with funds.

To check the balance of the card, call 1-888-310-2899 or login the Visa Buxx website and select the Account Summary option. The card can also be used to withdraw cash from any type of Visa ATMs located worldwide. One can call 1-888-310-2899 to report lost, damaged or stolen card immediately. The bank offers convenient 24/7 Visa Buxx customer service. Visit the website for more details on Visa Buxx Promotion Code.



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