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US Bank Investments

US Bank Investments or popularly known as the U.S. Bancorp Investments Inc, is the subsidiary of the US Bank and is specialized in offering investment services. One can find a large number of investments products and services offered by the company that can help in meeting various financial goals. They offer the experience and the convenience that most investors need in today's financial marketplace. US Bank Investment banking products are tailored to meet the individual needs of the investors. The bank offers three unique ways to invest and they are discussed below.

Brokerage Advice - The experienced Financial Advisors of the bank are located in over 3,002 branches and they can offer you the best of assistance to help you meet your financial goals. Whether you are planning for a retirement or thinking to finance your child's education, the Financial Advisors of US Bancorp Investments can assist you in constructing a workable plan. The Financial Advisors provide expert guidance in a broad range of brokerage products that include stocks, mutual funds, bonds and annuities.

Mutual Fund and Annuity Advice - The Financial Specialists of U.S. Bancorp who are located in a large number of branches provide specialized guidance on mutual fund and annuity products. They can help you choose the best suitable investment services and products. You can also call at 800-888-4700 and find the financial professionals located nearest to you.

Make Your Own Investment - On the other hand, those professional investors who make their own investment decisions and carry out their own research will surely enjoy the convenience of handling their own investment portfolio without the discount arm of U.S. Bancorp Investments. By opening a Discount Brokerage Account with the bank, you decide how to access your account and get the flexibility of using the available options.

To provide the best of investment management solutions, US Bank Financial Advisors are present in the bank office across the country. These Financial Advisors can provide a wide variety of investment opportunities including corporate bonds, mutual funds, stocks, municipal bonds, mortgage securities, government securities and fixed & variable annuities. As an additional service for the customers, US Bank Investments offer the service of the Financial Specialist who can work with conservative investors.

The Financial Specialists join hand and build a partnership with Financial Advisors to serve the investors even better. The bank also offers Individual Retirement Accounts for those who are looking to invest money for their retirement. Find US Bancorp Investments Address from the website of the bank.



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