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US Bank Direct Deposit

US Bank Direct Deposit is a convenient service through which your paychecks and various other recurring incomes get automatically deposited into your checking or savings account with the bank. Direct Deposit is offered totally free of cost and it is very simple to process it. This advance service can surely help you simplify your business transactions. It is also one of the safest and confidential ways for small businesses to deposit wages and benefits to the bank account of the employees electronically. By setting up direct deposits, you will save your time as well as some money by avoiding the expenses relating to preparing paychecks of your employees.

Benefits of US Bank Direct Deposit

Making direct deposit eliminates the hassles of preparing and generating paper checks for tax refunds, pensions, expense reimbursement, dividends, bonuses and commissions. This convenient service also comes with a range of benefits that include:
  • Maximum security: Any payment made through direct deposit cannot be lost, stolen, misplaced or forged.
  • Save money and time: This service is not only fast but it is also cost effective as it reduces the postage and processing costs involved with disbursing, mailing and reconciling payments.
  • Reduces fraud risk: Direct Deposit ensures that the payments are deposited into the personal accounts of the employees.
  • Better Control over funds: You control the withdrawal made from your business account and as a result, you will know the exact date when the funds will be deposited.

US Bank also offers two solutions that provide direct deposit capabilities for small businesses. They are known as ADP Payroll Services and US Bank SinglePoint Essentials®. The bank also provides WorkPlace Banking program for those businesses that already use direct deposit and want to increase the usage of this service. It is a free and discounted service through which businesses can enjoy even more transparency and convenience.

Setting up a Direct Deposit is also very easy and it takes less time period. In order to set up a direct deposit for payroll check, you will have to gather some information related to the account. Details like the type of account, routing number (RTN) and account number are essential while making a direct deposit. After having the above details you are then require to complete the direct deposit form and return it to the representative of your company. You can also set up a Social Security check while conducting direct deposit. To do so, visit and sign up or call 800-333-1795.

The most important benefit of making direct deposit is that you may qualify for checking account advance facility when your account has been active for a period of two months. With this, you can get some advance against your direct deposit in times of urgent needs. Visit the website of the bank for details on direct deposit address.



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