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US Bank Debit Card

US Bank Debit Card is one of the most convenient ways to pay for a number of expenses that you make on daily basis. Debit cards offered by the bank come with several rewards and benefit programs for the customers. Today, more and more customers have discovered the convenience of using debit cards. To begin with, a debit card is a card which is extensively used in the United States by a large number of people to withdraw cash from ATMs, make deposits or carry out several banking functions.

US Bank ReliaCard® is one of the most popular debit card designs that can be used at millions of places where debit cards are accepted. You can use this convenient card to pay for purchase at shopping centers, merchant outlets, hotels and restaurants. Also use it to make online purchase from online stores and shopping sites. ReiaCard® is similar to a prepaid card and it is not a credit card. While you use this card, you are using your own money and your payments will be automatically deducted from the available balance of your card.

The most interesting feature of US Bank debit card is that you can use it everyday to pay for almost any thing you need. Use it to pay for purchase at grocery stores, retail stores, pharmacies, medical offices and gas stations. Moreover, ReliaCard can also be used to make purchases through telephone or pay various types of bills. Using a debit card is quite better than using a check. When any customer uses a debit card, he is actually using the 'electronic checks' to access his checking account. In addition, he will not have to face limited cash in his pocket while making a purchase.

On the other hand, debit card transaction is less expensive than check processing or a credit card transaction. There will be no check handling costs and no network interchange to be paid. As a result, debit cards are highly considered as secure payment mechanism. U.S. Bank has reliable links with almost every regional and national debit network. This allows customers to access virtually any network in the country. US Bank will never ask its customers to provide sensitive information like passwords, social security number, account number or PIN through phone, email or text message.

You can report debit card fraud, lost or stolen card by calling at 800-872-2657. You can also call at 800-432-9413 to learn more about debit card fees and card activation process.



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