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US Bank Mortgage Rates

US Bank Mortgage Rates may vary depending on the loan terms and the prevailing market conditions. As the mortgage interest rates keep on changing from time to time, it is very essential for the borrowers to get updated with the latest rates condition. First time homebuyers should also learn more about annual percentage rates and the process of calculating them. As US Bank offer different rate of interest for different mortgage terms, it becomes very important to compare several terms in order to find the best possible rates. The bank offers a variety of loan options including fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate loan, jumbo mortgage and government loans.

US Bank Mortgage Rates Today

Today, US Bank offers some of the best mortgage rates to low and moderate income homebuyers residing in the United States. If you are looking for a low rate mortgage then you can contact a loan officer or call at 800-365-8544 to find the existing interest rates on several loan terms. Several factors such as the type of loan, the repayment term, financial ability and the credit condition of the borrower will play important role in determining the mortgage interest rates. The following chart highlights the interest rate and APR offered by the bank on several mortgage options.

Product Rate Discount APR
Conforming Fixed 30 Year 4.250% 1.750% 4.463%
Conforming Fixed 20 Year 4.250% 1.500% 4.514%
Conforming Fixed 15 Year 3.750% 1.375% 4.064%
Conforming Fixed 10 Year 3.750% 1.000% 4.121%
FHA - 30 Year Fixed 4.500% 1.000% 5.101%
FHA - 15 Year Fixed 4.500% 0.000% 5.081%
VA - 30 Year Fixed 4.750% 0.000% 5.101%
VA - 15 Year Fixed 4.500% 0.000% 5.103%
3YR ARM 3.250% 1.000% 3.874%
5YR ARM 3.375% 1.000% 3.838%
Jumbo - 30 Year Fixed 4.875% 1.750% 5.097%
Jumbo - 15 Year Fixed 4.250% 1.750% 4.625%

US Bank Credit Card Customer Service

US Bank endeavors to provide the best of customer service to solve the problems of the credit card holders. Whether you need information on your credit card application status, credit card processing or the payment address, you can just call the customer service phone number to get the assistance. You can also make complaints and report credit card fraud by calling the following credit card customer service numbers.

Call 800-947-1444 to check the status of your credit card application

Call 800-285-8585 to report lost or stolen credit cards

Call 888-852-5786 to report lost or stolen credit-line cards

Find more comprehensive information on US Bank Credit Card fees, review, hardship program and credit card bill pay, on the credit card page of the bank website.



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