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Morgan Stanley Salary

Morgan Stanley’s salary scale varies, and is determined on a number of factors. Individuals will find in the firm’s salaries list that it is based on a number of factors, to list just a few, which include, trading performance of the firm, employee’s job title or position, experience of the candidates etc. Salary scale also varies with branch location of the firm. The firm also maintains its salary scale with regard to certain salary measures such as basic starting, training program, summer internship, entry level, etc. However, at Morgan Stanley one will find that salary scale ranges with the position at the firm which constitute Executive Director, Managing Director, Vice President, Financial Advisor, Branch Manager, Senior manager, Software Developer, and Financial Advisor Associate, etc. Analysts’ positions include Operations Analyst, technology Analyst, Business Analyst, Investment Banking Analyst, Summer Analyst.

Salary range at Morgan Stanley also can best be considered and viewed on their business division point of view which include Investment Banking, Investment management, Private Wealth Management, Sales and trading, etc. Nevertheless, Morgan Stanley offers attractive base salary and amazing benefit on bonus package. The total compensation and average salary offered by the firm is amazing as long as the firm trading business prosper. However, with the fall on its last third quarter earnings, it is feared that hiring freeze may take place and even cutting down of annual base salary and bonuses is likely happening as it is reported.

Morgan Stanley Employment Opportunities

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney offers a variety of employment opportunities with wide range of business disciplines. Individuals will find exciting career opportunities on offer by the firm in various locations such as in its corporate headquarters, New York, and in locations like Montreal, Los Angeles, Chicago, and California etc. Individuals will also find various job positions in international locations such as in London, UK, Glasgow, Singapore, and Hong Kong etc. Despite predictions and news that hiring freeze and cut short of bonuses is likely taking place, Morgan Stanley still offer dynamic job and career opportunities to the job seekers and career conscious individuals. Please visit the firm’s career site for detailed information and also to learn employment verification procedures.

Morgan Stanley Salary New York

Individuals can get detailed Morgan Stanley’s salary list online for every job title in various branch locations and also other salary related information. One can search Morgan Stanley’s average salary either by locations or by job title. Below is a few listed salary scales in New York as per survey from the firm’s employers and employees. For the first time since he rejoined the firm, Morgan Stanley’s Chairman, the former Chief Executive Officer of the firm has been given an increase annual base salary upto $2 million on May 2010. One can see below the average salary for the various positions at Morgan Stanley in New York.

Executive Director- $155,031
Vice President- $125,358
Associate- $93,981
Analyst- $64,979
Financial Analyst- $61,867
Financial Associate- $94,125

The Average Salary by job in some particular locations or in most of the branch locations can be also seen below:

Vice President (IT) $129,588
Financial Analyst- $56,250
Financial Advisor- $47,173
Sales Assistant- $45,323
Investment Banking Associate- $82,910
Personal Financial Advisor- $50,868
Business Analyst, Finance/Banking- $61,581

For detailed Morgan Stanley Salary list such as Advantage Services, Client Service Associate, Managing Director salary, Equity Research salary, Financial Advisor Training Program salary, Private Banker, Intern salary, Quant or Quantitative Research Associate salary, Trader salary, Summer Analyst salary etc. please log on to firm’s official site and search either by location or job title. One will also find information about salary caps and many other salary related details.



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