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Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Discover & Co. was the name when in 1997 the three different Inc. namely Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter Reynolds, and Discover & Co. were merged and formed as one. The name was later in 1998 shortened to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. The company is merged to provide asset management, securities trading and credit services, and became a leading issuer of credit cards later. But now the whole of the name was dropped and in 2009, Dean Witter retail operations were transferred to Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. The merger with several Inc. like Dean Witter, Discover & Co. has led to the expansion of Morgan Stanley firm’s operations. A global leading financial service Co., the firm provides a wide range of financial products and services to diverse groups of individuals, institutions, corporations, and governments. It offer full service range in investment banking, investment management, private equity, mutual funds, retirement and trust services. It is headquartered at New York City, on the Building 2 and 6 of the World Trade Center on 23 floors, from the 59th floor to 74th floor.

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Credit Corporation which is based in Deerfield, Illinois provide services such as Interlibrary Loan Documentation, Financial Companies and Agent services, Residential Property Investment, Mortgage Brokers and Consultancy services etc. For detailed information and the available products and services provided by the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Credit Corp. customers can contact the main office address at 2500 Lake Cook Road Riverwoods, Illinois 60015 United States, or call 1-201-521-4119, Fax- 1847-405-4855. .

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Stock

Prior to merger with Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter was an American Stock Brokerage and a leading securities retail firm in the securities industry. The common stock was split prior to its acquisition with Morgan Stanley, and the latter received stock worth $63.73 based on the price before the deal was announced. But later, when the two merged the exchange ratio resulted in no premium to both the companies and in the subsequent days Dean Witter’s stock has increased while Morgan Stanley’s goes down. Customers may contact the Transfer Agent, Mellon Investor Services at 1-800-622-2393 for details about Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & company Stock prices and other related services.

Customers can get prospectus on a stock or bond that Morgan Stanley is underwriting either by calling a Financial Advisor at the nearest branch office or may submit the request online to Customers also can easily get detailed information about the firm’s funds either online or through phone by calling Investment Management representatives at 1-800-869-FUND. For ordering prospectus and other fund related information customers may call the following phone numbers:

Morgan Stanley Family of Funds: 1-800-869-FUND
Morgan Stanley Institutional/MAS Funds: 1-800-548-7786
Morgan Stanley Closed End Funds: 1-800-221-6726
Van Kampen Funds: 1-800-341-2911

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Clientserv

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. provides unique excellent customer service to all potential clients worldwide. Through the private and secure online website “Clientserv”, the company connects all clients to Morgan Stanley research, trading, financial applications, and many other information of the company. Customers can also enroll to this service and enjoy managing of accounts and other banking activities online.

Career conscious individuals will find Morgan Stanley firm providing exciting career opportunities with a variety of development programs and excellent working environment. One can find jobs in several divisions where one is interested and good at. Detailed information about careers and jobs can be obtained through the careers site provided by the company.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is committed to provide full service to every client worldwide. Its representatives are working closely and are available 24/7 to help achieve the different objectives of the clients. For any information, queries and grievances, you may immediately consult the financial advisors and the customer representatives of the firm either through phone or direct visit to a branch office nearest to your area. For more info about Morgan Stanley Dean Witter such as, quality muni, bank, capital I Inc. Banco Morgan Stanley Dean Witter SA and guide etc. please log on to the official website of the company.



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