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Morgan Stanley Capital

Morgan Stanley Capital International Eafe Index, a stock market index which was developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (now MSCI Barra), provide a benchmark for judging the performance of international equity markets. It serves as a standard for measuring the performance of foreign mutual funds, pension funds etc. The iShares EAFE exchange traded fund which is most popular and closely reflect the performance of EAFE trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol EFA. The Morgan Stanley Capital International World or Global Index offers an important standard for measuring the stock performance throughout the world markets which include both developed as well as emerging markets.

Morgan Stanley Capital Partners

Metalmark Capital, a firm which is maintained by former personnel of Morgan Stanley Capital Partners managed the Morgan Stanley Capital Partners. The firm Capital Partners has invested huge amount through four funds during the last 25 years. The firm has also raised, besides fund I and II, $1.87 billion for Capital Partners III and Partners V shows that it closes at $8.5 billion. Recently the firm has generated fund of over $3.3 billion.
Morgan Stanley Venture Partners with the experienced and knowledge of its team help generate excellent returns for their investors’ money and help them become successful market leaders. The firm invests specially in industry consolidations in fragmented markets and buyouts. The firm also invests in technology and healthcare sectors and is seeking to invest between $5 million and $30 million to attain its target of capital gains within 3-5 years. It is based in New York City having one additional office in Menlo Park, California.

Morgan Stanley Capital Markets

Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities provide extensive approach towards capital markets with its cutting-edge equity and debt capabilities. The firm works in respond to the capital needs of its clients with close focus on market situation. Its Global Capital Markets Group provides full service range offering comprehensive financing solutions to its clients worldwide. Morgan Stanley Debt Capital Markets Services provide solicitation, structuring, and execute Morgan Stanley’s investment grade debt including both public and private debt. The group also provides indispensable advice on all debt-related issues helping clients to achieve both their short as well as long-term capital goals. Morgan Stanley Equity Capital Markets Services offers advises on financing strategies in related issues such as merger and acquisition, public market structuring and monetization programs.

Morgan Stanley Capital Group

A commodity division of Morgan Stanley known as Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc. provides innovative solutions in addressing the needs and challenges of risk management issues. The group also offers extensive services in risk management programs. The Morgan Stanley Capital K.K group offers advisory services to real estate funds which are managed by Morgan Stanley for investments in properties and any other assets acquired by the funds. The firm Capital Services Inc. which is classified under Security Brokers and Dealers also provide extensive services to its clients. It is located in New York. Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc which is classified under Real Estate Investment Trust also provides exceptional investment services. The address of Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc. and Abs Capital I Inc. are given below:

Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (Mail Code OE-20),
U.S. Department of Energy,
1000 Independence Avenue, SW.,
Washington, DC 20585-0350
FAX 202-586-5860

Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc
1221 Avenue of Amer C2e C
New York, NY 10020
Phone: (212) 761-4000

The Morgan Stanley continuously support the expansion of real estate group through the introduction of new products and services including public debt and equity capital raising, real estate investment management and mortgage programs. Several Morgan Stanley subsidiaries and affiliates including trusts such as Trust III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, etc. provide comprehensive services to the clients.

For detailed Morgan Stanley Capital and other related details like Morgan Stanley Mortgage Holdings LLC, Opportunities Trust and Fund, please log on to the official website of the company. One will also find information about Services Credit Ratings, Tier 1 Capital Ratio, Intl Eafe, Protected Notes and Interview tips etc.



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