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Morgan Stanley Real Estate

Morgan Stanley Real Estate division investment service was launched in 1991. Today, the firm is one of the leading global real estate investment managers with assets over $45.6 billion under management. The real estate service provided by the firm consists of three distinct businesses which include Banking, Investing and Lending. Managers together with a team of well experienced, knowledgeable, highly talented advisors provide unique solutions to help meet the needs of every client. The Division has over 370 professionals throughout 18 offices globally, who are exclusively focused on the real estate services. In the United States it is located in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Mexico City and San Francisco. Morgan Stanley appoints John R. Klopp, a real estate veteran, as head of the Americas Real Estate Investing and Global Real Estate Debt Investing during the last January 2010. Morgan Stanley real estate Advisors Inc. also manages unique client focused equity portfolios for its clients worldwide.

Morgan Stanley provides not only investment banking services but also is a leader and a trusted advisor to all clients in helping them achieve their financial and business goals. The firm is also a trendsetting leader in the area of real estate capital market. The advisors are well experienced in servicing Public and Private Debt, Equity and Underwriting, Asset Management and Portfolio Sale Advisory etc. Morgan Stanley’s real estate group leverage the resources, strategies, research and product specialists of Morgan Stanley to deliver customized solutions with most informed tool and advice.

Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund

Since real estate has been investing in 1991, Morgan Stanley has been successfully executing real estate investment programs. The firm could successfully execute the funds which include MSREF I, II, III Domestic plus International, IV Domestic plus International, and MSREF V International. With the closing of the Morgan Stanley third offering for its Special Situations III the firm real estate could raise a total $5.9 billion for Special Situations from international investors, high net worth individual investors and Morgan Stanley. For several years Morgan Stanley has been also one of the leading real estate investing firms with several venture capital firms investing on the real estate fund. It has also been one of the largest investors in commercial real estate through various investment funds. Despite its prosperity, it is claimed that the current market situation has brought a twist, making the firm face a painful experience. It is said that the firm is writing down 80% of the properties in Fund V international and 60% in Fund VI international. The investment bank’s effort to increase $10 billion Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund VII Global Fund was dropped by half as it is said investors are seeking ways to exit their commitments.

A division of Morgan Stanley firm, providing full service range with a variety of customized programs and solution, Morgan Stanley Real Estate also offers dynamic career opportunities with broad range of growth and development programs. Individuals can find several job openings in various branch locations domestic as well as international. One can also enroll to Morgan Stanley Real Estate Summer Analyst and Associate programs that offer undergraduate students ten weeks of training, networking and other job related activities. It offers a great opportunity as students are made exposed to career opportunities in real estate firm. Jobs are available in division like finance, mortgage, analyst, and advisors etc. Review the career site for detailed information.

For detailed info about Morgan Stanley Real Estate and other related details like investment GMBH, KAG, and to know the latest news on press release, please log on to the official site of the firm. You can also find the complete information about the losses and gains of the firm operations, and also read the Institutional CIO Confidence Index introduced by Morgan Stanley Investment Management.



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