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Morgan Stanley Capital International

Morgan Stanley Capital International is a combination of two companies in which the former is the majority shareholder of the combine company. Morgan Stanley and Capital International were separate two companies but later came to known also as MSCI on account of a marketing right bought by Morgan Stanley to Capital International’s data. The new company also bought a firm in 2004 called Barra and since then the firm is known as MSCI Barra. A stock market index known as Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE Index was developed by the company to use as a benchmark to measure the performance of major international stock markets. The MSCI World Index is used to judge the stock funds of all the developed markets in the world as defined by the company, and it includes securities. Later, a related index called MSCI All Country World Index is also incorporated to measure both developed as well as emerging markets. The acronym MSCI EAFE Index stands for Europe Australasia Far East Index. It measures the performance of more than 1,000 stocks in over 21 countries worldwide.

Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE Index

MSCI EAFE Index is a free index that is widely used to judge the performance of all global markets including both developed and emerging markets. The Morgan Stanley Capital International Inc. EAFE Index symbol is given as EFA. The iShares EAFE Exchange Traded Fund trades like a stock under the stock symbol EFA. The index is widely used and has become all country world indexes offering as the standard for judging the performance of all international markets. Morgan Stanley Capital International All Country World Index, also called ACWI incorporated both developed markets as well as emerging markets. MSCI also introduces Frontier Markets Index.

Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE Index is weighted based on market capitalization. It is of the standard that it first classified each stock in the investable universe which is from the largest to smallest based on the market capitalization. It is, therefore, countries and markets with largest and most advanced stock markets have the highest relative weighting in EAFE. While countries with smaller and backward stock markets always have the less impact on them even though the markets deliver superior returns. Needless to mention but for the purpose of information, MSCI Emerging Markets Index GDR benchmark is changed to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index NDR as a new standard.

For detailed information about Morgan Stanley Capital International and other details such as MSCI Indices, Emerging Markets Free Index and US REIT Index and more please visit the official website of the company.



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