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Morgan Stanley Financial

Morgan Stanley is a global leading financial services firm providing a broad spectrum of products and services to individuals, institutions, businesses, and governments. The firm’s products and services includes investment banking, securities, investment management, brokerage, financial and wealth planning, credit and lending, cash management, annuities and insurance, retirement and trust etc. Morgan Stanley is now a fully financial holding company under the Bank Holding Company Act which it got approved from the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors. With financial crisis hampering the financial markets across worldwide for the past few years and still, Morgan Stanley strives hard to provide comprehensive solutions to diverse needs and challenges of the individuals. The firm has significantly expanded its coverage to servicing sovereign wealth funds and financial sponsors group to help deliver excellent solutions in their international investment focus. Morgan Stanley Financial Management Account allows one to consolidate, manage, monitor and access the cash and several other assets efficiently and conveniently.

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor

The success of every Morgan Stanley financial services undertakings can be attributed to the fully dedicated team of its financial planner including advisors, associates and analysts. With the ample resources of the firm, long experiences in financial services and the knowledge of its highly-qualified professional advisors and associates, the firm delivers the unique and highest class services in addressing the varied needs of the individuals. All advisors and analyst at Morgan Stanley are well trained professionals and have vast knowledge in delivering the perfect solutions of the diverse needs and challenges of the individuals. The concerns and duties of the firm’s advisor are to help manage, grow, and distribute the cash and other assets of each individual and see that their needs are met. They are dedicated to the service of each client.

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor Training Program

Morgan Stanley offers Financial Advisor Associate Training Program to help individuals prepare to become an advisor of the firm. This training program provides extensive in-depth learning and implementing period with the tools and strategies that would require in building sustainable long-term relationships with the clients. During this advisor training program individuals will learn on how to provide unique and individualize services to the clients in addressing the individual financial goals and needs of the diverse clients. Morgan Stanley Financial Control Group that manages the risk and implements financial controls of the firm’s business activities also offers Summer Analyst Program with ten week internship to help individuals to prepare into the full time analyst training program.

Advisor and analyst at Morgan Stanley are offered competitive compensation with base salary and provide broad range of opportunities to earn additional income as well. There are several job positions in various locations demanding women financial advisors. The Financial Institutions Group and other industry groups in Americas branch offices hires individuals directly. Individuals can build bright future by being a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Individuals who are interested in enrolling to advisor trainee program may keep checking the on-campus calendar or career center or may log on to career site provided by the firm.

For any financial issues and questions regarding Morgan Stanley’s financial services individuals may contact the firm’s financial advisor. One can find any advisor of their choice using the advisor locator tool provided by the firm on its website. For different financial terms please refer the dictionary made available to all individuals. The financial statements report the financial condition and strength of the firm’s operating business and its overall performance. Individuals may log on to the firm’s website to review the financial statements, reports and ratings of the firm. Information can be also obtained from The Financial Times and several other journals and periodicals as well.



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