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Morgan Stanley Equity

Morgan Stanley is a leading provider of global asset management products and services in equity, fixed income, alternative investments and private equity. The firm’s equity research team works very closely in analyzing the economic, market, industry and company data to help clients in enhancing their performance in their global portfolios. The equity research by Morgan Stanley’s analysts and strategists is consistently ranking among the top in its field providing a wide reliable coverage reflecting the needs and requirements of its clients. The firm’s Listed Derivatives with several years of experience and in-depth knowledge provides extensive services in futures execution and clearing services to diverse client worldwide. Morgan Stanley also provides a broad range of loans and mortgage products specifically designed to help meet the home financing needs of the clients. The firm offers loan upto $5 million and home equity line of credit upto $2.5 million. The firm’s lending professionals can help choose the right option and help meet the home financing needs.

Morgan Stanley Institutional International Equity Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation, and also seeks to maintain a diversified portfolio of equity securities of non-US issuers. The advisors of the fund seek to invest in emerging markets too. The Equity Capital Markets Services of Morgan Stanley looks after the origination, structuring, marketing and pricing of public offerings and placements of equity and all equity related securities.

Being a leader in the origination, distribution, sales and trading of institutional equity and equity derivative securities, the firm’s undertakings ensures full liquidity and provide complex analytics through its equity trading lab for all investors and companies around the world. Morgan Stanley Growth Fund which is an open-ended equity fund that invests in large cap funds adds growth and stability to one’s growth portfolio.

Morgan Stanley Equity Research

Equity research prepared by Morgan Stanley’s analyst and strategist is inclusive, reliable and cover a wide range reflecting the nature of the economic, markets, industries, companies, and needs of the investors. The firm equity research is made available only to its potential clients. Clients are required to contact the Financial Advisor for this. There are also some research reports for the general public. Individuals can get a copy of the firm’s Equity Research Report by calling the nearest retail branch office or the firm’s Equity Research Department at 212-761-6201. Equity Research associates are offered attractive salary and the overall compensation is based on various factors such as research quality, client feedback, firm revenues, and investment banking revenues etc. Needless to mention, but is said that UBS has hired Julien Bahurel from Morgan Stanley to head equity derivatives sales for Asia Pacific.

Morgan Stanley Private Equity

Morgan Stanley Private Equity form the firm’s primary business for investing in large and middle-market private equity transactions worldwide. The firm has invested over $6 billion in private equity transactions globally. Morgan Stanley Private Equity has a significant presence in Asia Pacific and has so far invested approximately $1.6 billion. The firm continues expanding its operations throughout the world. It is said that the firm is acquiring 60 percent stake of UK based Zenith Vehicle Contracts Group Limited. Morgan Stanley Investment Management in the third quarter report has $273 billion in assets under management. It is said out of this $273 billion $24 billion is from merchant banking that include private equity, real estate investing and infrastructure.

The firm’s Global Secondary Opportunities Fund is looking after the secondary opportunities across the private equity spectrum focusing on small and mid-cap buy-outs, distressed and special situations funds. For this, the firm’s Alternative Investment Partners, the fund of funds business of Morgan Stanley has ruled out its $500 million fundraising target for new secondaries fund, being $585 million collected from the investors.

Morgan Stanley Target Equity Index Family strives to identify undervalued companies that could generate attractive returns. It offers access to an investment strategy created by Morgan Stanley research, transparent methodology, etc. For detailed information of Morgan Stanley Equity and other related information such as, equity research as the defining feature of 2010, research associate interview, and to view all growth portfolio class including class H, please visit the official website of the company.



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