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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, one of the world's largest financial services companies was founded in New York City in the year 1935 with the commitment to provide financial advice, products and to execute with best solutions. Since its foundation, Morgan Stanley continues serving individual investors, companies, institutions and government agencies with its reputation in financial advice and execution on global scale. The timeline of the Co. history shows that it went through several expansion periods with mergers and establishments in several locations worldwide. In 1997 the group entered into a major merged with Dean Witter, Discover & Co. leading to more expansion of the company's operations. And in 2009 Morgan Stanley also acquired some shares of the Smith Barney from the Citigroup, now operating as a retail brokerage joint venture between Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. And in January 2010, after James Gorman took over as CEO and president from John Mack, the company entered into a partnership with Save the Children to help support the charity's work in South Africa to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child. Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital in New York ranked among the top in all children's hospital in the nation.

Today, Morgan Stanley is one of the world's leading financial institutions operating through a large network of branch locations in over 1, 200 offices in 37 countries worldwide with over 61,000 employees.

The company provides a wide range of financial products and services ranging from the simplest to the most complex and sophisticated thinking and task. With well experienced qualified advisor and analyst, the group can help address the financial needs of individuals, families, small businesses and foundations. The company has well equipped research tools, advanced analytics and trading tools that can help address the needs for investment banking and management, private equity, mutual funds, fixed incomes, etc.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Morgan Stanley with Smith Barney forming as a new wealth management firm opens a new door to a wider range of financial products and capital markets to help address the challenges and needs of the individuals, institutions, and businesses. The new firm offers brokerage and investment services, financial and estate planning, etc. It is operating in several locations and customers can find any financial advisor's branch office using the locator tool. Individuals also can find Morgan Stanley Smith Barney offers dynamic environment and bright careers for career conscious candidates in areas such as financial advisor, wealth manager, etc. The firm offers attractive salary with programs and benefits to foster one get ahead in life. The Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC Benefit Access service facilitates customers and employees manage their account online. One can just login by entering User name and password and manage the account or perform any banking activities.

Morgan Stanley Careers

Extensive products and services with a wide range of programs and global platform have enabled Morgan Stanley and Co. to open a wide door for career conscious individuals. The company provides a dynamic environment with state-of-the-art-infrastructure and programs. Individuals can find unsurpassed platform for building a career that one is really interested in and has potential. Morgan Stanley offers a variety of programs to both graduates and undergraduates. Candidates can enroll to programs such as Analyst for Undergraduates, Associate for Graduates, Quantitative Finance Associate, Summer Analyst, and Summer Associate, etc. and build a bright career with well experienced professionals and working environment. Candidates can choose from the wide range of fields where one is interested in and good at whether in Investment Banking or Management, Private Equity, Real Estate, Wealth Management, Research, Sales & Trading and Public Finance etc. They can find bright career opportunities in locations such as, New York City, Chicago, Boston, and several other locations in the US. One can search job either by regions, categories or job position.

The Clientserv service provided by the Morgan Stanley facilitate exclusive online access for individuals to get to the company's client website for purposes like account information, online statements and reports of the company's performance. Through the site customers can also login to manage their accounts and make payment for bills etc. For detailed account of Morgan Stanley and all related information such as home loans and services, please log on to the official website of the company.



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