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Morgan Stanley Funds

Morgan Stanley Investment Management services provide unique investment performance with comprehensive investment management solutions to help achieve the goals of its clients. The firm is a leading servicer of money market and fixed income assets for several institutional clients such as hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds, foundations and charities, etc. The liquidity funds from Morgan Stanley Funds Plc help achieve the goal of every investor whether one needs short-term or long-term investment strategy. Morgan Stanley offer broad list of funds with client based solutions and cost effective organizational structure through dedicated brokers. The firm’s fund solution account for various money investments needs of the investors in today’s complex market scenario. Investors can choose the best funds from the wide range of Morgan Stanley’s list of funds after carefully reading the prospectus before investing.

Through Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM), Morgan Stanley’s investment advisor, the firm provides distinct institutional-focused businesses which include institutional funds, hedge fund, a fund of funds, liquidity, real estate funds, etc. The sell off Morgan Stanley’s retail asset management business from its investment management division to Investco Company has enabled the firm to focus more on institutional client’s needs.
The Morgan Stanley Global Infrastructure Fund which provides best in class with proprietary quantitative portfolio construction process consists of 800 stocks approximately and provides wide exposure to the infrastructure sectors and several other companies. The firm’s funds Portfolio Architect also offers funds from various mutual fund families which are managed by Morgan Stanley affiliates. Customers can contact Financial Advisor for more details and features of the program.

Morgan Stanley Funds Services

Morgan Stanley Fund Services (MSFS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley is a leading provider of fund administration services worldwide. It provides daily fund accounting, financial reporting, transfer agency services, portfolio risk, performance and tax analytics. Morgan Stanley Fund Services also introduced a new investor reporting platform known as Stratum (SM), to provide transparency in the process of nav (net asset value) calculations including confirmation of asset and liabilities, and any deep layers of portfolio transparency revealing its risk and performance. Morgan Stanley provides Business Consulting Services. With the help of the consulting team the firm delivers a range of services and solutions and provides support through all process of fund from the date of its launch till its maturity. The firm’s fund services are made available through several companies and centers like Bermuda Ltd., Ireland Ltd., and Caymen Ltd., etc. Here we provide service centers in USA and Ireland with their full addresses and phone numbers.

Morgan Stanley Fund Services Bermuda Ltd.
C/O. Morgan Stanley Fund Services USA LLC
2000 Westchester Avenue
Purchase, NY 10577
Tel: +1 914 225 8885

Morgan Stanley Fund Services Ireland Limited
Hambleden House
19-26 Lower Pembroke Street
Dublin 2 Ireland
Tel: +353 1 799-8700

Through the FundLogic, the brand name of Morgan Stanley’s Structured Fund platform, the firm provides fund solutions to clients offering products ranging from simplest Index Funds to the most complex investment solutions. The firm has launched its first UCITS III Fund on the Firm’s FundLogic platform which was designed to provide investors access to a global event-driven strategy. The firm’s real estate fund of funds business which consists of portfolio of hedge funds and private equity funds is also designed to provide solutions to clients who seek exposure to a global portfolio of opportunistic and value-added real estate funds.

Morgan Stanley firm does not disclose tax information or any advice regarding tax as tax laws are constantly keep changing. One should always consult their legal and tax advisor for tax information. The firm mutual funds are offered by prospectus only. To order a Morgan Stanley Prospectus online, one may submit the request giving the full name, address, telephone number and the name of the prospectus to For detailed information about Morgan Stanley Funds and Services Jobs, please log on to the official website of the firm.



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