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Goldman Sachs Real Estate

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a global leader in investment banking and securities provider firms. The Goldman Sachs Real Estate gave its birth in 1991, under the Merchant Banking Division (MBD). Since its inception, the firm has set up real estate lending and investing companies at different locations worldwide with major operation in the United States. Recently, the Goldman Sachs Commercial Real Estate Symposium was held on 2 December, 2010, in New York.

The Merchant Banking Division from Goldman Sachs is the leading private real estate equity investing department. They also have different real estate partners including Goldman Sachs Real Estate Partners (GSREP), which targets in opportunistic returns.

Goldman Sachs Real Estate Fund

The Goldman Sachs Real Estate Fund can broadly be classified into Mezzanine Partners and Whitehall Funds. Both of these funds are invested in real estate and real estate-related assets all over the world with the former being emphasis more on investing in mezzanine loans, B-notes, CMBS, etc. Moreover, the Goldman Sachs Whitehall Funds is a opportunity funds.

The Goldman Sachs Real Estate Niche act as a private real estate funds that look to investing in particular sectors and regions. They also offer real estate securities fund, which is an open ended equity mutual fund founded and managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), L.P.

Goldman Sachs Real Estate Principal Investment Area

The Goldman Sachs, Real Estate Principal Investment Area (REPIA) under Merchant Banking Division is the world’s largest real estate investors. The firm has more than 130 professionals from various offices located worldwide with two main offices in the United States at New York and Dallas. The firm allows the clients to co-invest with Goldman Sachs in real estate and real estate-related assets globally under the REPIA through the Whitehall Funds, Niche Products, Direct & Mezzanine Investments and GSREP.

Goldman Sachs Real Estate Careers

The Goldman Sachs Real Estate division provides an unmatched working environment and atmosphere for the employees. Careers and jobs in Goldman Sachs Real Estate Department as an analysts and associates or financial advisors and professionals are offered with several benefits and opportunities, such as insurance, retirement plans, health care including high salary and bonuses. They also provide finance, market development and business services with the joint ventures from Goldman Sachs Real Estate and Corporate Services.

For further information about Goldman Sachs Real Estate 529 and report, clients can visit the nearest branch office or log in to their official website.



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