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Goldman Sachs Funds

Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) from Goldman Sachs & CO provides a complete range of fund products and services with the right people, ideas & knowledge, and investment approach to meet the financial needs and goals of every client. The Goldman Sachs Funds has been known for the past 140 years to the institutional and private clients in providing the quality services and products. The investment products from the company include fixed income, equity and fund of funds (Income Strategies Portfolio and Satellite Strategies Portfolio) throughout the world. The investors can contact their investment professional to get more information about GS funds. Clients can also invest fund in active trades, securities, derivatives, etc.

The term BRIC is coined by Goldman Sachs with an idea of generating more capitals from the four world’s fastest growing economy countries. It stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China. The Goldman Sachs BRIC Fund is a fund invested to those countries to utilize for the global economic recovery in the near future. The President of Goldman Sachs Funds is Jim McNamara.

The Goldman Sachs Asset Management division from the firm offers a variety of funds, such as mutual, bond, offshore, hedge funds, etc. Globally they are among the top 15 asset management firms and within top 3 in providing money market funds offering both taxable and tax-advantaged. The common stocks from the company are traded on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) with a ticker symbol GS. The Goldman Sachs fund forms including Distribution 403b Form can be availed from their official website or in a nearby branch office. It is also possible to get the application form by calling the phone number at 1-800-526-7384.

Goldman Sachs Mutual Funds

The Goldman Sachs Mutual funds are designed accordingly to the specific need of the clients. The Goldman Sachs Mutual Funds can be classified into many types prominent among them were Mid Cap Value, Government Income, High Yield, Growth Opportunities, Retirement Fund, etc.

Goldman Sachs SICAV Funds is the common types of funds in Western Europe and within the coverage of Goldman Sachs Bank (Europe) PLC, which is similar to that of an open-ended mutual fund in the US. The money market mutual funds are open-ended and usually invested in the short term debt securities.

The Goldman Sachs Fund Administration provides the best services to fulfill the needs of every investor in respect of the company products. The Goldman Sachs Whitehall Funds are global opportunistic funds that are invested in real estate and its related assets worldwide. The clients can obtain information about Goldman Sachs Funds performance, list and annual report from their official website.

Investors who wish to get more information about Goldman Sachs Funds can visit The Goldman Sachs Funds prospectus contain all the detail information about funds and it is important for the clients to go through it before they invests in the stock market. Prospectus can be obtained from the authorized dealer or from Goldman, Sachs & Co. by dialing 800-526-7384. It can also be downloaded through online from their official web site. The Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund is a charity, which accepts cash, publicly traded securities, and other fund shares. Apart from charity, Goldman Sachs also gives grants.

For further information about Goldman Sachs Asset Allocation Funds, Absolute Return Tracker Fund, fund fact sheets and index, clients can visit the nearest branch office or log in to their authentic website.



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