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Goldman Sachs Company

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is one of the largest financial holding companies in the world, with total assets of no less than $909 billion. After going through the Goldman Sachs Company background and brief summary or overview from their authentic website, one can discover all the important information about the company structure and its participations in several presentation programs. Like most of the financial institutes in the nation, G S has a strong vision and mission to bind good relationships between the citizens and the company. Goldman Sachs also counts the needs and values of its citizens’ presence for the successful running of the business.

Goldman Sachs Company History

Goldman Sachs Company history can be traced back to the day of its establishment in 1869 as a single room office in the New York City for commercial paper dealership by Marcus Goldman, a German immigrant. Later on, his son-in-law Samuel Sachs joined the firm in 1882. Then finally his son Henry became the part of the business group in 1885, which result to adopt the present firm’s name as “Goldman Sachs & CO. The company enters the NYSE publicly for the common stocks exchange and trading in the year 1999 with a ticker symbol GS, though the firm was invited to join in 1896. Today, they are the leading recruiters of MBA degree holders from the top business schools and well known for playing a lead role in establishing the IPO (Initial Public Offering) market in the beginning of 20th Century.

Goldman Sachs Company Profile

Going through the Goldman Sachs Company profile will holds the attention of every citizen in the nation in terms of its products, services, offerings, jobs and numerous benefits and opportunities designed especially for the clients and employees. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading investment banking firm in the world. It also provides investment management, research, underwriting and financial advisory services with three main sections of business activities. They are:
  • Investment Banking
  • Asset Management & Securities Services and
  • Trading & Principal Investments
The Goldman Sachs Company is one of the finest places to work among several companies worldwide. Lloyd C. Blankfein is the current Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs. The firm arranges internship training programs for the high school, college and university students in two ways as summer and non-summer interns, which assure to get jobs and employments in the firm and brighten the future careers of the students. The working environment and culture adopted by the firm is one of the unique things that set apart from other firms.

This firm global headquarters is located at 200 West Street, New York and has more than 20 main offices in the United States alone. Apart from forming a stronghold business center in the US, they also set up its branch network in different countries of the world from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North & South America continents.

Citizens can explore into their official website to get more info about Goldman Sachs Company profile, logo and directory.



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