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Goldman Sachs CEO

Goldman Sachs CEO is the acronym of Chief Executive Officer. The Goldman Sachs CEO is the supreme head of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers, which are the governing body of the firm. Apart from the post of Chief Executive Officer within the Board of Directors and Executive Officers, Goldman Sachs has different posts and portfolios to run the firm successfully. Among the high ranking officers and leaders of the firm, they organize conferences including CEO Conference.

The following leaders and officers, such as President, Chairman, CCO (Chief Operating Officer), Vice Chairman, VP, Executive Vice President, CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Global Head Compliance, Secretary of the Board, CTO (Chief Technology Officer, CIO (Chief Information Officer), etc. are some of the group members from Board of Directors and Executive Officers. They also took under oath swearing not to deceive the clients or investors.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

Lloyd Craig Blankfein is the current CEO of Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. He swore as the Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs on 2006 after the former GS CEO Henry Paulson. He himself was the Chairman of the firm too. Lloyd C. Blankfein earned a total compensation of no less than $53,965,418, in 2007, including the base salary, bonus and stock grant as a CEO of Goldman Sachs.

In 2009, Blankfein quotes his firm as, doing “God’s Work”, when he acknowledge the role of banks in the current financial meltdown. In the same year he also got $9 million stock bonus. Many conference, events and annual meeting held in 2010 were also attained by him at various locations.

Anyone who is interested to get more information about Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd Blankfein including his history of becoming the CEO of GS, can visit to their official website.

Goldman Sachs CEO Salary

The Goldman Sachs CEO salary can be regarded as the highest paid executives among the official members in the firm. The firm also provides several benefits and opportunities including the payment of high salary, bonus and compensation. The average compensation received by the CEO of Goldman Sachs is $600000, which amount to total value of $63,215,422 including everything.

Goldman Sachs CEO History

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. can be traced back to the history of its establishment as a one room office in the New York City founded by Marcus Goldman in 1869. But today it has been running successfully in investment banking and other financial products and services for more than 140 years. Clients can get a complete list and history of Goldman Sachs CEO from their official website.

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