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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a financial institute founded by a German immigrant, Marcus Goldman in 1869. He was a descendant of Jewish parents. The company has started as one room office in the New York City. But today, they have spread almost in the entire country and all over the world. Currently, Goldman Sachs has more than 20 main offices in the USA at New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Seattle, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Tampa and Washington DC. All the above Goldman Sachs divisions in different parts of the states in the country operate as a whole. The company headquarters is located at 200 West Street, Manhattan, New York City.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. engages in different services, such as advising, financing, securities, research and investing. These services division from the firm offers different types of services including asset management, foundation, pensions, bank loans, prime brokerage, mutual funds, equities, mortgage, nature and risk investments, and many more. They also provide services for hedge funds, individuals, institutions and investment advisors.

Goldman Sachs Careers

Goldman Sachs provides the candidates to realize their potential and make their dream come true with the career opportunities from it. Interested candidates can watch the videos available in their official website about the successful stories and changes made by Goldman Sachs to the employees. Goldman Sachs is a place where learning and teaching goes hand in hand for the successful careers and bright futures. The employees from the firm are paid with high salaries and workers can receive peerless opportunities, bonuses and benefits like insurance, health care and retirement plan. Internship is the entrance to get in at this firm. The firm also offers different types of trainings and programs to boost the careers of the employees.

Goldman Sachs provides and online search for different kinds of job positions, such as new analyst, new associate, etc. Aspiring and eligible applicants can login to their official website to enroll through online process and to learn the application procedure if they find any jobs matching with their qualifications. Current Goldman Sachs job openings are available at Utah, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, etc.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management

The Goldman Sachs & CO is one of the leading asset management companies in the world. The objectives and goals of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) is to meet the financial needs and requirements of institutional and individuals investors. They provide insights and risk management advisors to give more meaningful reason with the investment made by the investors. Clients can contact the Goldman Sachs Asset Management center at the given address for the US citizens.

New York
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
200 West Street
37th Floor
New York, NY 10282

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