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Goldman Sachs Finance

Goldman Sachs Finance is one of the Careers Divisions from the firm that plays a vital role in carrying out the company’s risk monitoring and capital management. The members of finance department act as advisors for different part of businesses in the firm. Moreover, it is a well known fact that Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a global investment banking company. This Firm provides a wide range of financial services and products to the customers, such as financial advisory, research, asset management, corporations, high-net-worth individuals and securities services. Goldman Sachs carries out their business activities in three major sections. They are:
  • Investment Banking
  • Trading and Principal Investments
  • Asset Management and Securities Services
The Goldman Sachs common stocks were listed on NYSE publicly in 1999 with their ticker symbol GS.

Goldman Sachs Finance Division

The Goldman Sachs Finance Division is a provider of different services in various sections of the firm. GS finance along with legal and internal audit divisions join together to perform several business works in the firm. The Goldman Sachs Finance Division invites people from diverse backgrounds and educational fields. Things that are considered to be part Goldman Sachs finance division are applicants having a work ethic and desire for excellence, commitment to the company and clients, and ready to join team work orientation. Employees from this department provide tax information, funding, capital management, credit risk advisory, market risk analysis, etc.

Goldman Sachs Finance Analyst

Goldman Sachs Finance analyst is one of the most sought job positions in the banking investment companies. The GS finance analysts perform different functions and offer with several benefits and opportunities including high salary and bonuses. Students who have completed their graduations can apply for both summer and non-summer internship training programs, which it serves as an entrance to get jobs as new analysts and associates. The newly recruited employees undergo unique training programs including leadership, research and professional trainings to boost the careers of employees for their future. Moreover, interview is the most talk about the candidates and students as it is tough for them to clear it. Saying this, it does not mean to discourage the aspiring candidates but to be well prepared for it and he/she can consult the alumnus regarding interview questions, test and other related issues.

The finance controllers group from Goldman Sachs contributes and safeguards in various business activities, such as to protect the firm's assets, and help assert the integrity of GS finances and expenditures. Other than doing the said functions, the Goldman Sachs finance controllers group also acts in financial reporting, funding, financial systems and analysis, and many more. Interested candidates who want jobs in GS may also apply for some popular positions like associate, controllers new analyst, accounting services, etc.

To obtain more information about Goldman Sachs Finance you can visit their official shown below.



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