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Goldman Sachs Bank

Goldman Sachs is one of the oldest and biggest investment banking firms founded by Marcus Goldman in 1869. It is the leading global investment banking, advising, securities, research, and investment management firm with a wide array of services to the clients including individuals, corporations, financial institutions and governments. They also provide a variety of products, such as bank loans and deposits, mutual and hedge funds, including risk and wealth management services, etc. The wealth management division from this firm includes private banking products and services that yield high net worth to the clients from the country as well as the customers from all over the world. The company has two main deposit taking institutions. They are:
  • Goldman Sachs Bank USA
  • Goldman Sachs Bank (Europe) PLC, located at Dublin, Ireland.
Other than the banking institutes in USA and Ireland, they have financial branch network in different parts of the globe including Goldman Sachs Bank AG in Switzerland, which have been registered to the Swiss Stock Exchange since 1994. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. headquarters is in New York and they have overseas offices in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and other several major financial centers in the entire world. The firm also bought small stakes from Bank of Moscow.

Goldman Sachs Bank USA

Goldman Sachs Bank USA was formed in 2002 and entered the arena of retail banking in 2006. This associate firm has more than $150 billion in assets. It is one of the 10 largest banks in the United States of America. GS Bank USA is a FDIC-insured bank with a certificate number: 57485, which is governed by the Federal Reserve. The clients need not worries and doubts about the products and services offered by Goldman Sachs as it is ensured and protected by FDIC program.

Goldman Sachs Bank USA offers a wide range of savings & CD accounts, and loan products including commercial loans, mortgage, etc. They also provide online banking services to make the banking activities more convenient and easier for the customers. The merger of some small companies and firms led to the expansion and increase the status of Goldman Sachs Bank USA in different cities and states like Salt Lake City, New York City, Utah, etc. The establishment of Utah-chartered industrial loan company under G S Bank also upgrades the status of company in many respects. Goldman Sachs also provides Bank Debt Portfolio Group and other Credit Risk Management and Advisory Groups to acts as credit rating advisors to the investment banking clients from the firm.

Goldman Sachs Bank Holding Company

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. press release has confirmed that the firm will soon becomes the fourth largest holding company and it will be regularized by the Federal Reserve. After the financial crisis and bankruptcy problems were the much talk in the country. Goldman Sachs with other investment banks has decided to turns into traditional bank holding companies.

The company under its career opportunities has a variety of programs and trainings for the students and candidates, where banking and beyond is one of it. For more information about Goldman Sachs Bank, clients should visit a nearby branch center or log in to their official website.



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