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Goldman Sachs Financial

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. investors division provides a wide range of financial products and services to achieve the objectives and goals of the clients. They are the leading global investment banking and securities firm that have three principal business fields:
  • Investment Banking
  • Asset Management and Securities Services, and
  • Trading and Principal Investments
The Goldman Sachs financial report 2009 is available in two versions, through online and copies in the form of printable options. The entire Goldman Sachs financial reports can be viewed by visiting their official website. The firm also develops one of the sophisticated internet web site allow for electronic access to the company products and services by the clients and employees. This internet website is known as Goldman Sachs Financial Workbench. This service allows the clients and employees to download research reports, submit trades, monitor accounts, calculate derivative prices, view market data, and many more.

The Goldman Sachs Financial Times Book of the Year Award 2010 was awarded to Raghuram G. Rajan for his book “Fault Lines”. This global Business Book of the Year award program was sponsored by Goldman Sachs in partnership with the Financial Times. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. also organizes and held several events and financial services conference. Citizens who wish to know any upcoming events and financials conference held by the firm can check from their annual calendar.

During the past financial crisis and hardships Goldman Sachs with other investment banking companies announced to change into financial holding company. Goldman Sachs financial statements for various years along with its subsidiaries and affiliates can be checked from their web site within the link at “Subsidiary Financial Information”. The firm common stock is traded on the NYSE with a ticker symbol GS. It stock prices, quotes, ratios, profits, etc, can be viewed from the newspaper and other source of information like TV, business magazines, internet, etc.

Goldman Sachs Financial Square Prime Obligations Fund

The Asset Management under the Investing Services division from Goldman Sachs has designed a variety of fund plans to maximize the current income, maintain liquidity and preserve capital. Citizens who invest their capitals in the market can choose any kinds of fund plans designed by the firm. The Goldman Sachs has designed various types of financial square funds. They are:
  • Square Prime Obligations Fund
  • Square Money Market Fund
  • Square Federal Fund
  • Square Government Fund (Govt. Fund)
The above types of funds are rated with “AAAm” for its unique features and the usages given to the customers. Clients can find out more information about Square Prime Obligations Fund from their official website. Goldman Sachs Financial Products Europe PLC is the subsidiary of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., with their main office at Dublin, Ireland.

Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor

The aspiring candidates and students who wish to join Goldman Sachs can starts their career plans as the financial controllers and advisors in the finance department. To start a good career programs in Goldman Sachs like a financial advisor, analyst, real estate and investment professional, associate, etc, will results for many changes in life with the benefits and opportunities offered by them. They also offer good salary and lots of bonuses to the employees. Many graduate and MBA students from the country choose to become associates and analysts in the Financial Institutions Group (FIG) under the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division.

For further information about Goldman Sachs Financial Conditions Index, regulation, market Pty Ltd, and financial reform, clients can stop at a nearby local branch office or log in to their authentic website.



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