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Goldman Sachs Operations

Goldman Sachs Operations is the platform to start a career plan for a newly recruited analysts and associates. They also serve as the core unit division that partners and covers to deliver the best kind of services to the clients in all the areas of Goldman, Sachs & CO including banking, asset management, technology, sales and trading throughout the world. Apart from supplying the above mentioned services, Goldman Sachs Operations Department also provides preserving and enhancing the firm’s assets, risk management and control, etc.

The Goldman Sachs Operations Intern training program arranges purposely for the eligible candidates and students from various cultural and educational backgrounds is a golden opportunity to get a bright jobs and promising future careers in the company. The firm has both summer and non-summer (autumn, spring and winter) internship training programs. Moreover, the most important thing is to qualify for this unique intern training program. The aspiring and desirous candidates can consult the alumnus or watch the videos of the successful employees’ stories to get more ideas and knowledge about the interview questions and above all to gain self confidence.

Goldman Sachs Operations Analyst

The Goldman Operations Analyst is one of the most sought career plans in the country. It is also the most suitable job professions for recently graduated students as the firm showers with several benefits and opportunities, such as insurance, retirement plans, health care and including paying of high salary and bonus option. The aspiring candidates and students who are currently pursuing a college or university can also apply for interns as this is the entrance to get a placement for the positions of analyst or associate in the firm depending upon the performance of the candidates. The students who have completed their graduation can enroll through online application or he/she can send a resume to get a call for interview, if the resume is short–listed for the post offered by the firm.

The selected candidates will undergo for the innovative Analyst Program. Orientation program is the initial stage of training given to the analyst in Goldman Sachs Operations Division to equip and acquire the complete knowledge and skills to become operations analyst. They also provide with leadership, professional and research training programs to boost the future careers of the employees. The cover letter provided to the applicants also furnish with detail information about the Goldman Sachs operations analyst.

To obtain more information about Goldman Sachs operations demystified, vice president salary and career forum, interested persons can visit their official website or stop at a nearby local branch office.



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