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Citizens Bank Student Loans

Citizens Bank student loans can be a great help to students who are really interested to go for higher studies without depending on their parents. Discover student loans from Citizens Bank to meet your expenditure for your school, college or university life. Pupils can experience success with the opportunities offered by the bank at low interest rates and flexible repayment options. With so many advantages and facilities you can enjoy your studies without any financial hardships and burdens. Your thirst for acquiring more and more knowledge can be quenched completely with Citizens Bank student loans for school, college and university education.

The company also offers financial aid for parents in situations when their wards are directly depending upon them. Generally, the bank offers two types of student loans. They are;
  • Private Loans
    • Trufit Student Loan - flexible repayment options, disbursement, no penalty on prepayment with 0.50% interest rates discount for online payment with the Citizens Bank account.
  • Federal Direct Loans
    • Federal Direct Stafford Loan (Subsidized) - available only for students that show financial need, no origination fee, repayment options, disbursement, borrowing limit, fixed term of 10 years, fixed interest rate of 4.50% and 0.25% interest rate reduction on automatic payment from any bank account.
    • Federal direct Stafford Loan (Unsubsidized) - available to all the students regardless to their economic need, repayment options, disbursement, no origination fee, 10 years term, fixed interest rate of 6.80%, 0.25% interest rate reduction for automatic payment from any bank account and with borrowing limits.
    • Federal Direct PLUS Loan - loans for parents whose wards are depending upon them with 4% fees charge by the federal government, fixed interest rate of 7.90%, 0.25% interest rate reduction on automatic payment from any bank account and it has no borrowing limit for one year.
You can find out more information on the above mentioned education loans by visiting the bank's official website or the loan lenders of the company. Students can apply for this financial aid through online application or by visiting the nearest banking center. It is also possible to apply by phone at 1-888-400-5670. Citizens Bank is known as Charter One Bank in some states. To enquire about the Citizens Bank student loans you can contact the lender or the phone number at 1-800-708-6684.

Citizens Bank also offers credit card, checking accounts, debit cards, online banking and loan consolidation facilities to the college students similar to that of the regular customers of the company. Students can apply for online banking to check their account's status and to update the related information. The "Students" link on the home page of the bank's official website can show you the detailed information on student loans, services, banking (money bundle and green savings), and borrowing options offered by Citizens Financial Group Inc under the RBS.

Citizens Bank TruFit Loan

Citizens Bank TruFit Loan or Student Trufit Loan is a private loan given by the bank for the students attending TruFit institutions. These institutions are there in the following states of the United States; Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Massachusetts (MA), Maryland (MD), Michigan (MI), New Hampshire (NH), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), Rhode Island (RI), Vermont (VT), etc. Boston University in Massachusetts can be one of the examples that offer this type of education loans.

The benefits of Citizens Bank Trufit loan are, flexible repayment options (immediate, deferred, interest only), no penalty for prepayment, 0.50% interest rate reduction for automatic payment from any Citizens Bank account, low interest rates and fees e.g. 2.50% for one-month LIBOR plus (London Interbank Offered Rates), 24X7 online account management, a grace period of 6 months, etc. Moreover, students applying with a qualified co-signer can possibly get a lower interest rate with an easy online application procedure.

The students can check the reviews given by others pupils to know the benefits and advantages of these school and college loans. And the "FAQs" link on the home page of the bank's website can also tell you more information about the lender, reviews, etc. Students interested to apply for this financial aid and to get more information regarding the eligibility requirements, terms and conditions can visit the nearest Citizens Bank branch or login to the bank's official website.



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