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Citizens Bank Routing Number

Citizens Bank routing number is also known as Routing Transit Number (RTN) or ABA (American Bankers Association) number. Routing number is a nine digit numeric code, which helps the customers to track or route the bank branches when making an electronic payment or transaction. You can easily recognize this number from your checks, deposit slips, etc. This nine digit numeric code is a unique code or identification number of the bank. The Citizens Bank domestic wire transfer routing number is 231373069.

To get more information on Citizens Bank routing number you can stop at the nearby bank branch or visit the bank's official website provided at the bottom of this page.

The following is the list of Citizens Bank routing number for some cities and states of the US. Moreover, the routing number may be similar for some states and cities but in most cases it is unique for a particular location.

City/State Routing Number
Providence, Rhode Island (RI) 011500120
Riverside, RI 231373069
Riverside, Rhode Island 236073762
Riverside, Rhode Island 236074619
Philadelphia & Pittsburgh, PA 036076150
Pennsylvania 036076150
New York (NY) 021313103
New Hampshire (NH) 011401533
Boston, MA 211070175
Eastern New York 221370030
Connecticut (CT) 211170114
Michigan (MI) 241070417
Ohio 241070417
Illinois (IL) 271071321
Buffalo, NY 222371054

The Citizens Bank routing numbers for the states like Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Buffalo city NY are the same as those used under the brand name of Charter One Bank. The clients need not confuse with the Charter One Bank routing number as these two financial institutes share the same banking systems and websites after the acquisition of Charter One Financial Inc. by the RBS in 2004. The customers can visit the nearest banking center to get the detailed information on Citizens Bank routing number if they have doubt in the above mentioned numbers. In the meantime you can also enquire the Citizens Bank routing numbers for Delaware, New Jersey (NJ), Vermont, Wisconsin (WI), etc., including the cities like Erie, Rochester and Springfield.

Citizens Bank Swift Code

The Citizens Bank swift code is CTZIUS33. This code allows the clients of the bank to perform international wire transfer. In this process the Citizens Bank branch representative will ask the beneficiary name, address and account number along with the beneficiary bank name, its address and routing information including the Swift BIC (bank identifier code). For European payments, an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is required. All the banks in Europe need an IBAN to make an electronic payment.

The Swift Code of Citizens Bank in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts is the same, i.e. CTZIUS33.

For further information on Citizens Bank routing number for different states and cities you can visit the bank's official website provided below.



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